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The first thought I had stepping out onto these courts last night was: Man. This would’ve been a good “slumber party sneak out with my friends to meet all the boys” spot. Dimly lit, surrounded by a park. It’s all tooooo familiar. #suburbia 👫😈🏡

Alas, reality set in as two British gay boys started yelling at each other from up the street, causing ears to perk in the quiet city darkness. Katie is EXTRA jumpy after being chased down by a crackhead lady in the mission last week (true story 😲) but I reassured her it was just a “gay boy fight.” So we begin… Living on the edge….😝

I’m feeling like a total mischief maker right now…the setting, the outfit…😎 Oh yeah! So, the outfit…

I call this one of my “yeah I want to look baller but exert no effort at all” outfits – thank you oversized graphic tee and beanie. Yes, It is very street kid, urban, hip-hop flared (but I did mention that joining a hip hop team was one of my life altering moves😛). Def channeling miss MIA. Which I have found that one of the easiest “look at me” things to toss on a loud shirt slashhhhh, with colored pants?? Game over.

The term “graphic tee” is thrown around frequently in fashion. In my book there are MANY categories of graphic tees.  Let’s clarify ➩ This is the alternative patterned, loud one not the kind you find squeezed on a rack at a thrift store with an old rock band logo. While the latter puts you in a previous decade nostalgic bucket, the former will give you a strong sense of female bad ass character.

If you can find the right accessories for the loud graphic even betttaaaa! In this case… more is MORE ❗⭐❗

At this point, I should probably give a little attention to the vintage store where I got this shirt, Painted Bird, since I tag them quiteeee frequently in my posts. Well, SORRY 😁 I just can’t get enough!! They sell HELLA cool pieces that consistently contribute to my eclectic closet. Plus – it’s pretty affordable and good quality.👌 I seriously SERIOUSLY love that store (and I’m going after brunch this weekend so don’t go and snag all the cute shit before I do! 😜)

I leave you with this track in hopes that your hump day can be a bit rebellious. 🖖

Wearing //  Shoes: Nike (similar: herehere, here, here) / Pants: Sandro Paris (old) Similar: here, here, here / Shirt: Thrifted via Painted Bird  (similar: here, here, here, here) / Hat: Reason Clothing (similar: here, herehere) / Necklace: Aldo (old) / Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 268C / Pantone Black 6C / Pantone 5763C / Pantone 458C / Pantone 4715C //

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