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Packing For Cabo…Wabo


Cabo is two parts crazy and one part classy…or maybe its the reverse. either way you gotta be prepared for anything and everyyyything. “Class it up or trash it down” (as my dad likes to say) 😂

As a result the packing list is endless and I always, ALWAYS overpack. but how are you supposed to know what the weather is like, or whether you’re in for a night of mayhem and champagne showers in town or a casual drinks and dinner on the beach…its goes both ways…and so does… well nvm… 😜

For a trip such as this, I split my packing into 2 “sets,” if you will… the “fun pack” and the “practical pack.” The following is how I divide:

The Fun Pack set includes: Polaroids (capture what you DON’T want on the internet), ping pong balls, Aleve, reflective sunglasses, crazy hat, iPod (not pictured: wigs ….if you’re as over the top insane as my girlfriend😉)

The Practical Pack set includes: Sun hat, Birkenstocks, bikinis galore, face protection (Philosophy SPF face lotion and SPF Coola chapstick (literally my FAV), beach reading – although this book boarders on the fun pack, err maybe rather a result of the “fun pack” as I will def be needing some “Damn Good Advice” after partying there👅✌️

Stick to one set or another or mix and match for the ultimate Cabo experience (highly recommended).👌

Now to quote my dad again, “It’s Cabo time.” *BANG* 💃💃🍹🍹🍹🍹🌴


Pantones of the Post

Stuff // Straw Hat: Urban Outfitters (similar) / Bikini Top: BGBG Maxazria (old) / Birkenstock Sandals / Book: Damn Good Advice / Swimsuits: VIX PaulaHermanny / SPF Face Lotion: Philosophy / Chapstick: COOLA / Polaroid: Instax Wide (not pictured: Polaroid camera) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 656U/ Pantone 534C / Pantone 114U / Pantone 171U / Pantone 7623C //

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