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The Twosie

sandro summer style

sandro summer style sandro summer style crop top two piece matching set lake tahoe summer lake style lake fashion

 Pantones of the Postsummer pantones

Confession: I am obsessed with 2 things right now… Two piece matching sets and Sandro Paris. So when I saw them combined I actually almost BURST into an explosion of rainbows and glitter. 🌈✨🌈✨ And then dress me in both and plop me in the middle of gorgeous Lake Tahoe and….omg hyperventilating….deep breaths… Okay, let’s talk about the first.

WHAT is it about twosies??? Seriously, someone answer me, WHAT? cause they are so gooooood! They have this immediate draw to them. Like, instant bad-ass status. Maybe I’m drawn to the fact that its closer to “menswear” on the spectrum, like the modern day pantsuit? maybe.. no? yes? What do you think? haha. Either way, girls can totally pull it off, and look HOT in them. Or maybe I am more drawn to the ultra-fun prints these matching sets usually come in. Either way – WIN, WIN fsho. 😄

And then don’t even get me started on Sandro….their entire summer collection is GOLD. Currently, browsing the site and adding ev-er-y-thinggggg to my cart (sidenote: it’s all on sale now so go get it before it sells out! 😉). Such vibrant colors, colors you don’t usually see in fashion…and we all know my weakness for saturation. 😍 Her line even has a little 80s vibe going on this season, are 80s becoming the new 70s?! Maybe! But we all know the 70s will be around for fall too (phew). Digging her 80s vibe mucho right now though….ok, ok, annnd her peppered in 70s feel. And then I just about DIED when I found this Sandro fun-fact so I had to share verbatim:

“We’re targeting a girl who’s street-smart and cool, who loves fashion and wants to get dressed for everyday – not just for a party! This season the Sandro girl is boyish and street smart, but still wants to feel feminine.”

Soooo I think its literally me bottled up into a little bow haha. Major THANKS Sandro, for designing the clothes that represent who I am. 🙌

Now, it’s time to play in the sun!! Peace. ☀️✌️

Wearing // Shoes: See by Chloé (similar: here, here, here) / Shorts: Sandro Paris / Shirt: Sandro Paris (similar) / Sunglasses: Thrifted (similar: here, here, here, here) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 178 C / Pantone Cool Gray 1 C / Pantone 305 C / Pantone 101 C / Pantone 719 C //

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