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Treasure Island Music Festival


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Pantones of the Post

To be 100% honest I wasn’t ALL rainbows and glitter about the TI lineup this year. 😁 It’s a superb festival but it seemed like they fell a bit short in their stack. Although, when my girlfriend scored two VIP tickets you bet your ass I was as excited as everrrr!!!! haha 😄😄😄

As fall rolls in, Treasure Island Music Festival is a treat to go to at the end of a busy festival season. Right at home, easy to manage/navigate, less crowded, better transport and best part of all…they never overlap set times!! You don’t have to make that gut-wrenching terrible flip floppy decision on who you rather see more; it’s all available between a 50 yard walk. 👌🎪

I only went Sunday because I had prior (fancy black tie 💁) commitments on Sat so I can only speak to Sunday…sorry guys…surprisingly it was more crowded Sunday which I maintain is a result of all the chiller/more adult/real bands/less party people playing on Sunday…more family oriented you know? (hella babies with earmuffs on LOL, but I did say it was an “easier” festival so I guess I don’t blame those music starved parents hahaah)

Katie was party pooooooped after raging face on Saturday (so typical), and I was coming from a 5 night stretch of separate concerts/shows/events so we both weren’t exactly in the fattest rush to get there. Father John Misty being my required first act, and he exceeded expectations.

Father John’s new album is not only sweet and sarcastic in its messaging but just legit good tunes all around. And OH yes his performance was up to typical Father John standards – jumping on his bass drum, shaking his little tush, swung his mic around like a lasso, and his stand as a baton — the whole “rockstar” shebang. It was entertaining and brilliantly perfect…Including the pause to tie up his long hair into a man bun which he prompted the audience to take out your iPhones and snap away as if it were some monumental hipster rocker top knot moment. Father John LIVE is a game changer for loving his music (I highly recommend it) But…. 

Chvrches stole the show the day!!! What a funnnnnn way to watch the sun go down and launch into festival night mode. And after carbo loading on a burrito, Japanese rice and fried chicken, and a paella I was ready to dance!!! And dance we did. 👯Obviously adorable as ever, they hopped and danced and giggled and shouted at the audience. Pink and blue lights blaring, I def entered the rainbow glitter zone I didn’t think was possible this year. Their performance was everything and more you could imagine. ✨👅🌈✨🌈

Alright, I’ve written too much 😜 so comment below to know more about my TI festival look!… Other than the obvious necessity of layering and……….KIMONO 😉👘

Wearing //  Shoes: Converse via Waraku / Pants: Diesel / Shirt: Afterlife Boutique / Kimono: Vintage from Painted Bird / Necklace: Afterlife Boutique / Bracelet: France Street Market / Sunglasses: Afterlife Boutique //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 241U / Pantone 296C / Pantone 635U / Pantone 7711U / Pantone 871U //

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