Top 10 Sneakers for Spring


There’s one thing something else I alwayssss need the latest and greatest of, sneakers. Nothing like a fresh pair of cool kicks to kick (😝) off a new season!

As the warmer weather starts to approach (hopefully…F U RAIN), I constantly find myself clicking on the sandals and sneakers filters across online retailers…god help my bank account. 🙏💰

So behold…my top 10 coveted spring trend sneakers. (Vans are having a serious moment right now, is it bad if I get two?!?!!? 😬 Cause I need these and these…but ughhh the classic black ones are just so good too🙄).

Only the boldest will go for the brand new Puma X Fenty collab in the color of the year. 💚💚💚

And in a world with no limits, and all my dreams come true… these glorious Gucci sneakers would be mine.🤑🤗

IT’S TIME TO: Put some spring in your step! ✨👟🌸 (And if you need a little sneaker style inspo…just scroll on👇🙃👇)

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