Festival Finds


Coachella time rolls around and I let up on the diehard rule I’ll “sacrifice comfort for fashion” because, let me tell you (from several years of experience), you do NOT want to be uncomfortable or it will ruin your ENTIRE festival day. Between the unbearable heat and constant dancing on your feet, I always gravitate towards loose fitting clothing and comfy shoes – preferably sneakers.

Tbh, my #1 recommendation for finding a killer Coachella outfit? Get off here and go to a friggin’ thrift store!! haha but yes, you’re bound to find pieces there that’ll make you stand out amongst the flower crown crowd (yeesh). But since we can’t ALL go thrifting together (FYI I’m going Saturday for any SF locals that wanna join!)… I’ve collected some of the coolest stuff on the interwebs to get you ALL ready for the festival of the year.


  1. Black rimmed, round folding Ray-ban Sunglasses
  2. Sandro Paris striped tunic top
  3. Wildfox Pink “Baroness” Sunglasses
  4. Basic bandana
  5. Out from Under’s terry cloth inspired, sporty bra top
  6. Sandro Paris striped shorts
  7. Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack
  8. Classic Nike “Cortez OG Trainers
  9. Melissa black “Hotness” flatform sandal


  1. Gold rimmed Quay “Electric Dreams” Sunglasses
  2. Sandro Paris geometric crocheted Top
  3. Pink reflective Quay “Dynasty” Sunglasses
  4. Mango cognac suede top
  5. Ace & Jig baltic striped cotton culottes
  6. Ecote flat fringe crossbody bag from Urban Outfitters (on sale!)
  7. Mango contrast trim sandals
  8. Converse 1970s Chuck Taylor High-tops

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