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Tomales Bay Oyster Company

tomales bay with converse, levis and thrift tee

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Don’t get me wrong, I am obsessed with this city. However, there is also nothing that I love more than getting out and exploring on the weekends. Because San Francisco is surrounded by all kinds of different environments, it makes it so easy to drive out just a bit and feel like you’ve traveled miles and miles to a new place. Which makes me so lucky to live here….slash to live in California! THE luckiest. 🌈 🌊

One of my favorite spots to journey and feel like you’ve had a day’s long vacation is Tomales Bay Oyster Company. The (almost always) sun, the lack of cell phone coverage, the calm water and boats… it all creates such a warm vibe and separates you from your BS back home — honestly so relieving and HAPPY to be there. 😃

So as you can imagine, I was STOKED to make the trek up last weekend for 2 of my favorite homies’ birthday party, such a BLAST. An epic reunion with an excessive amount of food and booozeee – dare I mention the “slutty brownies”?! 😁 YES because how can you not mention layered chocolate chip cookies, oreos and brownies DEEEEEEEE-liciousss. 😋

Now that I am a Tomales Bay pro, here are a few DO’s and DONT’s will help YOU out if when you go:


  • Bring something to grill other than oysters, ya need some substance in that tum!
  • Make your own flavorful sauces to top the oyster (if you’re as bad-ass as the birthday girl you’ll make Sriracha butter) 👅
  • Try an oyster if you’ve never had one before. They’re fresh as ever here; it’s where i popped my oyster cherry 😜
  • Print out the directions beforehand (remember I mentioned that spotty cell coverage? Well you don’t wanna be stuck on windy Highway 1 without a guide)
  • Come prepared: coolers, plates, cups WATER + enough food/drinks for your time cause once you’re up there you’re there


  • Wear nice shoes or sandals – too muddy and dirty! 
  • Assume just cause it’s sunny it’s always hella hot. If the afternoon wind picks up in this bay you might get chilly so bring a jacket!
  • Drink and drive: book a ride up there cause this place begs for day drinking 🍻
  • Leave your sunglasses there 😩
  • Be scared of shucking! Everyone must try!

So what are you waiting for? It’s the start of summer! Get out and explore Tomales Bay 😀

Wearing // Shoes: Converse / Pants: Levi’s 501 / Shirt: Thrifted / Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 661 C / Pantone 653 C / Pantone 535 C / Pantone 427 C / Pantone 4635 C //

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