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    Beer Rec: Blackberry Barley Wine

    The Facts Style: English Barely Wine ABV: 10% Brewer: New Belgium Location: Fort Collins, CO (PS: The rain is pouringgg right now!) Anyway… you got a cozy night in ahead? Cause I got a beer…

  • Beer Tasting | Chasing Kendall
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    Top SF Beer Week Events

    Guess what next week is?!?!?! (Since you know the topic of this post I’m guessing this was a dumb question…yes, it definitely was). It’ssssss  SF BEER WEEK!!! If you live by…

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    Dry Skin Rebellion

    Has anyone else been applying hand lotion like a 14 year old boy who just got his first play boy mag. JESUS sorry my girlfriend actually just wrote that last line. NOTE…

  • 6am Stout, Morning beer | Chasing Kendall
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    Beer Rec: 6am Stout

      Pantones of the Post The Facts Style: (Milk/Sweet) Stout ABV: 6% Brewer: Flat Tail Brewing Location: Corvallis, OR They weren’t kidding when they named this beer, it really is the BEST morning beer I’ve…

  • plaid1
    Day Style

    Savoring Winter

    How crazy is it that we’re almost halfway through January.😯 I actually got stressed this weekend that winter was ending soon, and thats not even true, so I’m clearly loosing it. But…

  • russian1
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    The Improved White Russian

    Da nun na nahhhh!!!….. It’s ski season!!!!!🎿🏂 Are you as excited as I am?!  Ok, but what does ski season reallyyyy mean? It means aprés ski….aka winter drinking! 🍻 Cause let’s be real,…