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  • bomber1
    Day Style

    The Bomber

    THE #1. El numero uno. The thing that’s being talked about everywhere right now: bomber jackets for spring.  I chuckle as these things come about, causing every girl to dash for…

  • fall1-2
    Day Style

    Switching to Fall… Layering

    Pantones of the Post I guess you could say we’re well into fall at this point. But for me, I still feel like were “transitioning” – maybe thats just the California…

  • urban street style
    Night Style

    Mischief Maker

    Pantones of the Post The first thought I had stepping out onto these courts last night was: Man. This would’ve been a good “slumber party sneak out with my friends to…

  • girly hipster style
    Day Style

    Pretty Pink Fall Fringe

    Pantones of the Post It went something like this…Woke up, got dressed, got donuts, and walked into work like Stevie Ray Vaughan (or at least thats what my office called me.…

  • 90s summer style
    Day Style

    Caught Between Decades?

     Pantones of the Post Part two of our Half-Moon Bay excursion this weekend…and looking back at the pics I’m chuckling because I think I might have gotten stuck between the 70s…