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    Night Style

    I Came to Dance

    Woo, haven’t done a night shoot in a while!! 😆😆 But I’ve been getting AFTER it lately on the night music scene this past week. Earth Wind and Fire (dance groove cityyy) leading up to…

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    SF Pride Events 2k16

    🌟👑 YASSSSSSS QUEEEEEEEN!!!! 👑 🌟 Just about the only time that can be said on repeat and not get annoying is PRIDEEEEEE!!! 🌈👬🌈👭🌈 It’s creeping up on me and I want to give you ample time to purchase…

  • concert6
    Day Night Style

    The 30 Second Change from Work to Party

    After catching all the shows in between Coachella weekends and now going to a show tonight at The Independent… I quickly realized a certain (frequent) life pattern. The need for outfit flexibility from work life…

  • coach1
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    Ampin’ Up for Coachella

    Sad to admit I will not be making the much anticipated trek to Indio today, like every other Coachella goer is gearin up for. (Shameless plug: I’m selling 2 tickets to…

  • blue1
    Night Style

    Night Owl

    DAMN its been a minuteeeee since I’ve been out!! Well, in SF. But in general, not doing good in the party dept. Come April though…yikes hell ya, already so many shows on…

  • Rufus Du Sol performing at Mezzanine SF

    Show Review: Rufus Du Sol

    Pantones of the Post Disclaimer: I am not a music writer nor do I review bands so don’t expect transcendence, expect plain english haha. On Saturday I went to see Rufus…

  • ti_feature
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    Treasure Island Music Festival

    Pantones of the Post To be 100% honest I wasn’t ALL rainbows and glitter about the TI lineup this year. 😁 It’s a superb festival but it seemed like they fell a…