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wide brim black hat black hat orange dress st tropez style south of france dress and hat

Pantones of the Post

St. Tropez, nuff said. I think I’ll just stop here. You guys probably can imagine right?! 😜

Let me put it this way, it was one jaw dropping moment after the next…You sort of have this idea of St. Tropez in your head from the media, the imaginable glam, the celebrities etc. And believe it or not, that’s actually a good thing! I feel like it creates this inhibition in a way, allowing you to play a part that you don’t typically get to at home.

And it’s a funnnnnnnnn part to play haha. If tons of celebs and movie stars go here then why not pretend you’re one of them?! Given a big enough hat and pair of sunglasses, well…lets just say, people make assumptions 😂 💁

Cut to scene: me prancing down the small shopping alleys of the town of St. Tropez in this massive hat and wait… *cue Glamorous* (best believe I know every word to that jam. Ev-er-y word. Thank you high school HA 😁) … back to prancing… in the humid summer air, glass of wine deep, shopping bag in hand and life is BEYOND.

Anyway, I do like assimilating to different cultures, blending in with the attire/vibe around you. I think I’ve mentioned this before? And probably will mention it a few times more (ha! that rhymes). But really, whether it be baggy textiles in Guatemala or a big bitchin’ hat and tiny summer dress in St. Tropez… that’s how I do, dress the part! Isn’t everything more fun that way? Like why would you show up to a costume party in a terrible costume? So NOT as fun. 

And even though this has nothing to do with St. Tropez, I do want to mention where I found such FABULOUS clothes. Joy Venturini Bianchi – a San Francisco fashion icon – has a treasure chest (and I mean houses fullllll) of vintage couture clothing. Known as the Helpers House of Couture, this treasure chest donates all proceeds to help the developmentally disabled. So even though the look is easy enough to mimic with a short, bright dress and big floppy hat, it’s SO much more fun (and charitable) shopping from Joy’s closet – go take a peak sometime!

Bottom line…If I ever go missing, look in St. Tropez. 🌴⛵️

Wearing // Sandals: Urban Outfitters  / Dress: Alaïa (via Helpers) / Hat: Bill Blass via Helpers House of Couture (similar: here) /  Backpack: AmeriLeather via eBags / Sunglasses: Vintage (similar: here, here, here) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 446 C / Pantone 7730 C / Pantone 427 C / Pantone 1505 C / Pantone Warm Red C //

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