This Shopbop Sale is BIG!


🤗🤗🤗  (👈 Me when I see a Shopbop Sale go live) Gimme gimme gimme! 😍🛍

It’s a tiered sale, so its a bit of a “pay to play” game 😒…but if you’re like me, just a few clicks and all of a sudden your cart is spilling with goods and you’ve WELL exceeded the price goal you were “trying to attain” haha….ooopsiiiiesssss. 🤑🛍💅

Navigating through a big online multi-retailer can be a bit daunting…so I always head for my 3 fav sections: denim, shoes, and sunglasses.👖👟🕶💕  Especially with a sale like this, I feel like these items are usually right in that sweet spot of the amount of money I feel “comfortable” spending (not sure who’s ever reallyyy comfortable spending at all lol but WE DO IT FOR THE CLOTHES #ugh😏). So I might cough up a little extra for the quality and statement of the piece, but damn does it feel good to be rewarded for that! 💝🤑

Shop statement sunnies:

My top picks for spring-ready denim:

Finish off the look with a new pair:

👇  Sale details👇 

  • 15% Off Orders of $200+ with code GOBIG17 
  • 20% Off Orders of $500+ with code GOBIG17 
  • 25% Off Orders of $800+ with code GOBIG17 

🎀 The sale started yesterday and ends March 5th at 4am ET. 🎀


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