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SF Summer of Love


It’s the 5oth Anniversary of SF’s Summer of Love, people! And so many “summer of lovey” things have been happening lately…

  1. First of all, I actually went to the Summer of Love exhibit at the Deyoung just a week back and it was to DIE for. Totally geeked out and got the audio tour, wrote notes on my phone, and made the whole group wait at the end for me since I was reveling in all it’s glory just a little toooo long.
  2. Outsidelands was last weekend! Which is basically hippies dancing in fields ala Summer of Love right? ✌️🎶🌾  (I skipped it for the first year, in forever ,  and went out to Guerneville instead BUT the point is I was still out in nature, exploring and consuming trees 😜🌲👣  so….#summeroflove vibes for sure 🌞
  3. Speaking of, love in the air! It was just Katie and my 7 year anniversary!! Yayyyy for us! I know you’re prob not reading this babe, but I love you.💞✨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩✨💞

Anyway, I don’t know if this shoot was inspired by alllll that has transpired the last few weeks or if I’m just naturally a hippie boho kinda chick (👈😛👍 ) but I’m really digging the sense of freedom that came of it. I could feel the wind blow through the lace kaftan (literally cause I was freezing my ass off 😂), lifting and tousling my hair, chill the tip of my nose.💨🙌💨  Brisk yet peaceful…

That is SF, and all I wanted to do was keep dancing in this field; I’m sure the people at the Trips Festival of 1966 got nipped by the cold SF air a time or two….🤔 I wonder… I mean, it was Golden Gate Park after all… 🌥👯 🌿💛🌾

Psst: Earlier this summer I was also a part of Free People’s Summer of Love campaign! Check out more on the FP blog, and see if you can find my contribution to their Summer of Love playlist 😉

hippie2 hippie3 hippie4 hippie5 hippie6

Pantones of the Posthippie-pantones

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Hope you enjoy the look and check out the Summer of Love exhibit if you can!! Highly recommend and it’s only around a few more days (ends 8/20)!

Wearing // Shoes: Frye Boots (similar: here, here) / Kaftan: Jen’s Pirate Booty (similar: here, here) / Bralette: Free People / Glasses: Vintage / Earrings: Vanessa Mooney //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 642C (50%) / Pantone 5743C / Pantone 7749C / Pantone 7582C / Pantone Black 4C //

Photography // Charlotte Dupont / @itsmecharlottephoto //

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