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The Must-Have Graphic Tee


I’ve seen it, I’ve done it and now I’m blogging it. ✔️

White tees with red writing scrawled, embroidered or printed across the front have made their mark!  They’re everywhere and ohhhh so hot right now. Paired with white denim, a la Haim, while it’s still hot (yes, whatever it’s 75 degrees in October, so shoot me 🌞 ) or paired with black denim and a blazer to be right on-trend for fall, I’ve never seen a graphic tee actually elevate a look before…. until these babies came to market.  😏💯⚡️

They most definitely get the 🆒 stamp of approval. Plus, who doesn’t love a cool new tee?

Shop my favorite red slogan graphic tees:

In fact, I’m going to go put one on right now and head to work! XOXO ❤️🖤❤️

trendy graphic tee | chasing kendalltrendy graphic tee | chasing kendall

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