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Beer Rec: Blackberry Barley Wine


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The Facts
Style: English Barely Wine
ABV: 10%
Brewer: New Belgium
Location: Fort Collins, CO

(PS: The rain is pouringgg right now!) Anyway… you got a cozy night in ahead? Cause I got a beer for you! And I’m totally loving that it just so happened to start raining as I poured the first sip to sit down to review. 💦🍻💦

It could’ve been the fact that I LOVE New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series, or the ROBE on the bottle (cozy cozy cozy I live in my robe cozy cozy), or maybe its the “smooth as the silk ascot you should be wearing while sipping this barley wine ale” that’s written on the bottle, but I fell in love at first sight

….NOT sorry I gave this beer a chance, not one bit. Actually, Im not sorry I gave this barleywine ale a chance because I almost swore off barely wine – they’re just “too much” for me usually, but not this one!

TASTE TEST: Pours much brighter and redder than expected. Smell is hard to tell, almost smells like a sour, but not much else there. Maybe grape soda, and blackberries. Taste is refreshing in fact, surprised me on the taste. Thin and not as INSANELY rich or sweet as most barely wine beers – it’s quite delightful! Berries (black), raspberries, creme brulee, and light but fresh caramel note.

If you’re not going to sip this in front of a fireplace, well then sip it while playing a board game with friends, and if you’re not going to do that then at leastttt sip it in a robe for christ sake!!!🙏😜 ….preferably one as soft as this, cause soft is all that matters in life. Stay cozy my lil Sippin’ Sunday babes. 😚


Pantones of the Post

Stuff // Beer: Blackberry Barely Wine (New Belgium) (Found at Healthy Spirits Castro and Richmond) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 689C / Pantone 721C / Pantone 7517C / Pantone 419C / Pantone 187C //

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