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This Just In…Nordstrom Got Cool


First of all, I legit need a haircut. This is not a fake post, or rather, statement. Its been 1 year since, but thankfully I have an appointment at Population Salon on 6/28 at 5:30pm – see ya there. PHEW.

Second of all, this outfit (sans accessories), is from Nordstrom. YES. Nordstrom. Does it look like a Nordstom outfit to you!?? Not to meeee. My point being, they must’ve really upped their game recently in the buying department (because also these).

Obsessed with this new find, the 80s inspired graphic tee is so hot right now. Said no one, well, besides me. But I’m lovingggg the type on it! Sorry I forgot to show the back graphic, so check it.

Lessons learned today: don’t go over a year without a haircut, and spend more money at Nordstrom cause someone has been getting them SWAG.

Thats it for now.

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haircut2 haircut3 haircut4

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A Mickey Mouse Moment


My best friend left me with this thrifted Mickey Mouse sweatshirt when she moved away to Berlin (they don’t wear color there 🤣😜), and oddly enough it has actually become a wardrobe staple of mine. It’s the perfect mix of “styled” and “I don’t give a shit” vibes🙃😝  for running errands, that mid week slum, casual weekend brunch or movie night with friends.

Well, so much for my hidden comfy, casual gem because recently I’ve been noticing a series of retailers/labels coming out with their own Mickey swag.⭐️🆒⭐️  So I’m here to shout 🗯  Mickey Mouse is having a mommmeeennnnnnt! 📣  A moment like this… some people wait a lifetime. OH, no wait… wrong song. OH! Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind. HEY MICKEY! 🐭❤️  Meh. Either way, it’s your moment Mickey.

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Also I need to get something off my chest. Colored lenses are one of the biggest eyewear trends for SS17 (🖖  invest in some, cause they’re cheap, so why wouldn’t you!?), but let it be known that I got my yellow sunnies about 2 years ago. Phew. Glad that is SETTLED! 👏👏👏😎✔️

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mickey2 mickey3 mickey4 mickey5

Day Discover Style

Spotlight On: Lexington Standard


A little while back I got the opportunity to do a shoot for Lexington Standard, a boutique in the Mission (SF). Tbh, I hadn’t heard of the store before the shoot, but for good reason. Because now that I’ve seen it, I officially want EVERYTHING they have behind those doors… Like literally, suck that bone dry it’s so good. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 So good that I have to put it on blast here. While most stuff is at a higher price point, their sister store Aggregate Supply (also in the Mission) is a bit more affordable. 💸👌🏼

What got me so interested in participating in the shoot in the first place was not only the uber sweet owner, Mark, but the vision he had for the look book, and message he wanted to send to the world. The theme for their SS ’17 look book was “real couples,” especially those in the LGBTQ community.  👉🏼🙋🏼👈🏼 They wanted to show real relationships and real people of alllll different shapes, sizes, sexualities, race etc, and tell that story, and their story, to a larger audience. Hoping to spread love, tolerance, equality and inclusiveness (especially in this time of conflict), how could I not want to be a part of the project is the better question! 😍👭👬🏳️‍🌈

My second half refused to do the shoot (she’s all for the message, but not so much for the camera) so here I am, all by my lonesome 😭, but hey… at least I got the 70s decade though! ✌🏼🌼🌿 Everything I wore was divine, as was the night spent with this crew. The only thing left is convincing them to let me keep all these clothes!!!! 😜🙏🏼🙏🏼👕👖👗

I highly suggest popping into Lexington Standard for yourself (3469 18th St), but you can also shop online.

2017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_1243Layer 02017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_11902017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_14952017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_133212017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_14062017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_14222017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_14482017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_12182017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_12312017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_15812017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_15682017_04_10_LS_AS_SS17_1378

Photography // Ramon Felix (Instagram)

Hair and Makeup // Lindsey Smith (Instagram)

Styling // Mark Morris of Lexington Standard

Beer Booze Discover

A Cider Brunch with Crispin

Layer 0

Cider gets a bad wrap in general for being too sweet. Well, IT’S NOT ALWAYS sweet (I’ve been down that road before). But even still, Crispin Cider in particular was one of those that I “wrote off” because of the one time I picked it up at Safeway and was like HOLY sh*t that’s apple juice! 😳 Guilty! I mean, can you blame me? But they’ve released some new bottles onto market that have me actually changing my opinion of the brand! 🍻🍎👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Ironically, my favorite flavors are not pictured in this post. 😬 But their Browns Lane cider is my new discovery because it’s the most light, dry and less sweet of the bunch. My girlfriend, Katie, likes their Honey Crisp flavor because its unfiltered and 6.9% – I have to agree that one’s pretty goooooood too. 👍🏼😄

Especially because I don’t like mimosas (😮😲). I know what you’re thinking…”waittttt, there is an alcoholic drink she doesn’t like?!? It can’t be!” Well yes, I’m not the biggest mimosa drinker so having an alternative “brunch appropriate” beverage (aka low ABV) is a huge win! 💯

Now, I’ll be turning to ciders more for my special mornings at home 😋🍳🥞 ( ⚠️ it’s hard to find a dry one when out at a restaurant) Happy Sippin’ Sunday and enjoy!

PS this Williams Sonoma pancake mix is divinnneeee. The flavor of the batter is different for some reason, and different is good. Like a hint of vanilla, or whatever the hell that gourmet quality is that I’m tasting is 👌🏼🥞👌🏼✨

ciderbrunch2 ciderbrunch3 508A3531 508A3547 508A3562 ciderbrunch4

Pantones of the Postcider-pantones


Colors (left to right) // Pantone Cool Gray 1C (50%) / Pantone 617C / Pantone 7611C / Pantone 7615C / Pantone 159C //

Day Style

Working with Trends and Materials Year-round


For the sake of dressing like a pirate, err wait was it Harry Potter? Oh crap I think she actually called me Johnny Depp the pirate ☠️ 🏴 (but hey, he’s hot so I’ll take it  – am I right?!😂🔥).  But what I think my girlfriend who knows no fashion was referring to was my velvet duster, to which she may not have deemed a “spring/summer” piece. But alas, we know I don’t play by the rules! Especially when living in SF and June gloom is in full [60 degree] effect.

Velvet was huge this year and still is only for spring I’m definitely seeing a move toward pastel colored and crushed velvets. I’ll be wearing my pirate-like duster coat any day of the year because it’s just the right layering piece for SF weather year-round. Plus it brings a 🆒-factor to any edgier look or night look. For spring, I wanted to bring the coat down to a more boho state of mind. These soft suede FRAME denim pants are my fav because they can be paired with a lace/eyelet top for a softer feminine style or with a band tee and some dark velvet for this rocker boho vibe! 👇😎🤘

But, incase your not an SF girl, or you just rather oggle some more spring/summer appropriate velvet pieces – I’ve gathered all the best ones below!

In fact, one of my favorite combos right now, (inspired by my trip to LA last weekend), is a pink/orange crush velvet cami and some light wash denim. Woo! 👌👌👌✨✨✨

Also a few favorite shoes and accessories because I want them all – toooo fun!!

**Pssst you can also shop my look directly at the end of the post!**

gunsandroses2 gunsandroses3 gunsandroses4 gunsandroses5 gunsandroses6 gunsandroses7 gunsandroses8

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Day Style

Something Just *Clicked*


Sometimes a wave of inspiration rushes over me and it takes 12 seconds to pick out an outfit (other times I’ll take 1 hour, changing 22 times…but we won’t talk about those rn 😬). But this one just fell into place. 💥👕👖

The look, inspired by my new fav tee 👉  this Click shirt from MONOGRAM (btw you seriously need to check them out, my new favoriteeeeeeee graphic tee shop 🆒) transpired into a softer palette. The way the light reflects of the satin fabric of my shiny new Gestuz trousers and gold disk earrings gave way to a dreamy, elevated, yet flashy and kinda kitschy 70’s state of mind. 😌 Or maybe that was just the sexy bare legs of the women on my tee, about to kill it on the dance floor. ✨🕺✨

And then to come up on this blue & white ally in the Mission?! Winning. 💯 A quick 15 minute shoot after work never felt so goooood. 🙌🏼📸 Spring pastels and creamy whites, a glimpse of gold and a touch of seduction has me lifted into a disco daydream. ✨✨☁️✨☁️✨✨

In my crazed world of juggling 1898239 different things a day, I look at these images, this moment, and find peace. A moment of clarity and synergy that was so needed. 🌀 I feel balanced. The Click shirt made it click! ✔️😜

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ChasingKendall_click2 ChasingKendall_click3 ChasingKendall_click4 ChasingKendall_click5 ChasingKendall_click6 ChasingKendall_click7
Pantones of the Postclick-pantones

Wearing // Shoes: Vans / Pants: Gestuz via ASOS (also here) / Shirt: Monogram Studio (similar: here, here) / Jacket: Chloe (similar: here, here) / Sunglasses: Ray Ban / Earrings : Soko (similar: here, here) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 537C / Pantone 5425C / Pantone 400C (20%) / Pantone Black 6C / Pantone Warm Gray 11C //

Photography // Dawn Elizabeth Photography

Video // Kyle Thomas Shea

Booze Cocktails

“Tequila Moonrise” Cocktail (aka My Blood Orange Tequila Beauty)


Blood oranges are in season, hot weather is right around the corner… I’m thinking a new tequila cocktail recipe is in order, aren’t you?!? WELL GOOD. Cause I got one for ya and it’s a beaut. 👌

 I’ll be the first to say, a Tequila Sunrise is never on my list of potential drink orders….but something about the blood oranges had me thinkin’ differently (really I just hate OJ haha). So I decided to twist the Tequila sunrise into a much more elevated drink by using only fresh ingredients and substituting the grenadine with 2 nice liqueurs as the sweeter element. PS: whoever is still drinking cocktails with grenadine in them… it’s time to stop. 🚫🍒

Now, orange you gunna try my new tequila cocktail?! Blood orange moon? (If you can’t tell, I’m performing at Clusterfest next weekend 😝🤣… wait but actually though, does anyone wanna buy my 2 tickets?! I really need to sell them!! So sad 😭).

See the Tequila Moonrise recipe below! 👇👇

bloodorange2 bloodorange3 bloodorange4


2 oz Espolon blanco tequila
1 oz Amaro (Amaro Nonino is best)
.75 oz Domaine De Canton (ginger liqueur)
1.5 oz Blood orange juice (fresh is best! ✔️🍊😉)
.5 oz lime juice
1 generous pinch of fresh chopped ginger 


  1. Squeeze blood oranges and limes into separate bowls. Chop ginger as finely as possible.
  2. Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake for 10 seconds.
  3. Strain into a low ball glass over ice. Garnish with a slice of blood orange and enjoy!🍹🍊

I’m lovinggg the balance of flavors in this drink! Nothing overtakes the next thing but all combine for a really refreshing, lightly sweet, versatile cocktail. I could drink this on my patio during a sunny afternoon (well, clearly i’ve already accomplished that👇)… or at night, in the booth of a Mexican restaurant. 🌮🍹 🌯💃  Either way, I’m extremely impressed by my own concoction hahah.😛🤗

Hope you give it a try!! Happy #SippinSunday 🍹☀️😄

bloodorange5 bloodorange6-2bloodorange7 bloodorange8-2bloodorange9-2

Pantones of the Postbo-pantones

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Stuff // Espolon Blanco Tequila / Amaro Nonino / Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur / Cups: Crate and Barrel / Shaker: Cocktail Kingdom (similar: here, here) / Spoon: Cocktail Kingdom (similar) / Cutting Board: Crate and Barrel  //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 187C / Pantone 693C / Pantone 545C / Pantone 165C / Pantone 1795C //

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