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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: The Fall Edit


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I know “basics” are one of the most popular thing to shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but aside from my favorite bra in the entire world, I like to splurge a bit during sales, not buy basics. It’s time to get some solid new pieces to make sure I’m fall ready… I can get a t-shirt tomorrow. 😉😝

For me, fall is about three things: new pants, new coats and new soft sweaters!!!!

Shop my top picks for Anniversary Sale denim:

Even though winter isn’t here yet, the lifespan of my light denim jacket is soon to be short lived. Time to start swapping for some longer, cozier coats! Quite literally, I uncover all my statement coats and pack-up the lightweight crops – not enough room in that closet, ya feel me?!

Shop my favorite cozy coats and sweaters:

Shop bombers, leather, denim galore:

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