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Motel Vibes & Fall Jumpsuits

chasing kendall | retro look

Sitting here at 10:32pm on Wednesday night, watching Broad City (season 4 starts in a couple weeks!😻) and on my second, questionably third, glass of wine.🍷🍷🍷  Trying to figure out why I’m so obsessssssed with this freakin’ jumpsuit! Is it the cropped flare? The rich color? The deep V? The corduroy fabric? Answer: EVERYTHING. 🙌🖤❤️ 💛

PAUSE: I need to right a wrong. I alwaysssss hear “that’s sooooo cute but only you can pull it off cause you’re so tall!” EH! WRONG. Why do people think you have to be tall to wear them? They actually elongate your legs (really, entire body) making them a very flattering piece. So, go for it shorties! Seriously. go. for. it. 👏👏💥


My wardrobe requires many things (😏) but a very, very important thing is a jumpsuit for every season. 💯 Gotta have the denim jumpsuit for spring, the silk printed for summer, the black chic for winter and dun, dun, dun, the corduroy for fall!

Heeeeyyyyllooooo, this jumpsuit is suited for fall (pun intended😆)! I chose to wear a ringer tee under it, not only because layers rule and tend to make the look more interesting but also, more work appropriate. On the weekend though? shirts off, tits out! Jk….👀😝😛

If you can’t tell, jumpsuits are legit one of my favorite items in fashion. #slay 😎⚡️

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chasing kendall | retro look chasing kendall | retro lookchasing kendall | retro lookchasing kendall | retro look

chasing kendall | retro lookchasing kendall | retro look

Pantones of the Postmotel-pantones

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Wearing // Shoes: Nike via Urban Outfitters /  Jumpsuit: CAMP Collection / Shirt: CAMP Collection (similar) / Sunglasses: ASOS (Jeepers Peepers) (similar) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 730U / Pantone 4755C / Pantone 1685C / Pantone 7599C / Pantone 4975C //

Photography // Riva Ramos / @rivaramos //

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