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Kickin’ off my new “Sippin’ Sunday” series with this easy drinking aperitif cocktail – PERFECT for a Sunday like today with the sun shining. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean it’s frigid yet. Aka still plenty of time to enjoy slightly “summery” drinks before everyone replaces them for mulled wine and Hot Toddy’s. This Jardesca based cocktail is not only the “perfect opening drink” to quote them but also the perfect refreshing drink for your last backyard bbq of the year. ☀️

I discovered this aperitif wine at one of Whole Foods typical tasting stands that rope you in, make your mouth water then victimize you so you feel guilty and buy what they are selling…or does that just happen to me 😁😩 … I have a problem with saying no. But this time around I am glad I said yes because this is seriously the perfect opening aperitif drink to quench your thirst.


1 bottle Jardesca
1 bottle Prosseco
1 Orange
2 Limes
1 mint


  1. Pour Jardesca over ice till cup is about 3/4 full 
  2. Splash prosseco on top 
  3. Squeeze 1/2 orange in each glass
  4. Squeeze 1 lime in each glass
  5. Clap 1 mint sprig between palms to release oils and then garnish cocktail 

Are you kidding me?! Just 5 simple steps and no shaking, stirring or cutting needed!? That must be the easiest drink in the book! 😜Taste wise I love it because it’s NOT. TOO. SWEET. (Something I find myself begging the waiter pretty much every time I order a cocktail at a bar/restaurant). It’s actually quite like sangria without sugar – a light citrus, lemon, spritzer. Since it is not sweet at all, adding the juice from the citrus fruits is a key ingredient that I added on to their recipe. BTW it also smellsssss divineeeeee, like a bouquet of flowers. 💐💐👌

The Jardesca Spritz is MEANT for outdoor smooth sippin. With a natural taste, herbs over flowers, citrus over sweet, it goes def goes right down the hatch. No need to feel gross after drinking it. In fact, I am about to head to a rooftop party over looking the city and going to bring a bottle of this to serve!! 💃

Just do me a favor and sit outdoors this month and sip on this cocktail, you won’t regret it. 😉🌺🍊 🍹🍋🍹

P.S. If you’re feeling real nuts, I could see this going reallllll good with some vodka and a splash of lemonade? I haven’t tried that yet, but prob plan on it hahaha. Just a lil’ hint hint for you hardcore folk. 😈😎


Stuff // Jardesca (also found at Whole Foods)  //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone Red 032C / Pantone 218C / Pantone 367C / Pantone 122C / Pantone Warm Gray 8C //

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