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Standout Looks for Coachella


When the brands flip to summer fun and the kids start to lose their minds, it must be that time of year….Coachella is near!

For the first time in 2 years, I’ll be headed back down! Major BOOYAH right there. Gotta be frank with you though, a bit nervous/intimidated! I know I always talk about owning the scene, commanding the crowd, blah blah and YES THAT’S CORRECT (don’t you dare forget it); but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel that moment of vulnerability sometimes. The festival fashion scene has absolutely exploded in the last couple years. Bursting at the seams. And I have yet to experience this madness…kinda daunting no?

Never fear! After hours, literally hours (but probably days), of scouring the internet, I found all the best statement pieces, basics and accessories for Coachella. NOT daunting at all! Check out all my finds, in my newly launched festival shop, but #getthelook from the styles below. 😉

Pattern Mixing Boss

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Day 1 and I’m feeling readyyy to be bold. And what better way then with a standout pattern mix & match and a glittery peach crossbody bag?! Slip on some furry slides for that kick-off pool party but then swap for some lace up espadrilles (much more secure 🙃✔️)  when heading to the gates.

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Graphic Tee Girl

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Nothing says ‘effortlessly cool‘ like a graphic tee and quirky statement bottoms. Just make sure to elevate the look with a few cool accessories.🔝😏😏 Today’s usually the after-party day, so I’d prob change into some killer wide leg pants (which can be carried in my backpack, obviiii) cause that desert air gets crissssspyyy at night!

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The Coachella Veteran

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I say Coachella veteran because this look is not messing around – I’m here to party. 🆒 Having been there 4 years running, there is something to be said for being comfortable if you’re doing the ALL day at the fest. Retro sneakers are must, a (breathable) uniqueee crochet top, visor for the unforgiving sun and backpack become my Coachella day 3 essentials. Gotta make it through!

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Remember people, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

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