Night Style

I Came to Dance


Woo, haven’t done a night shoot in a while!! 😆😆 But I’ve been getting AFTER it lately on the night music scene this past week. Earth Wind and Fire (dance groove cityyy) leading up to what was an unbeatable Outsidelands weekend of partying (marathon of foot stepping and smiles), and culminating in an ALL ACCESS pass to Guns n’ Roses last night (mouth agape head banging tears). I’m talking fancy back door entrance and front row for Axel and Slash!! 🙌🎤🎸 f*ck yeah!!…my ears are still recovering… not sure if they ever will….😵👂

Needless to say I’ve been partying and dancing A LOT and when I do, I like to have a bit more swag. YES, def more…💥PUNCH💥 than the typical sidewalk wear. 😎🙏 Busted out some 90’s inspo for this look with the retro tee & New Balance sneaks (pss, does anyone still own a CD-rom?!?! Must know! )💿👟and leather accents are just never a bad idea. Half 90’s pop and 90’s grunge!? With some killer star bling?! Sure why not. 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️

Now I’m gettin SUPER into 90’s graphic tee’s for nights out dancing through the sparkle lights or even days of fun dancing under the sun. Shop my favorite 90s inspired tees’s for fun times:

After all, I came to partyyyyy🍸🍸…But really, I came to danceeeee. 💃💃






Pantones of the Post


Shop the look:

Kinda random but, at Outsidelands my favorite band/performance that I wasn’t completelyyyy familiar with beforehand was Years & Years – so in the spirit of dance parties I’ve attached their album below so YOU can be more aware of their amazingness than I was…Also per the 90s theme, jam out to this rad 90’s playlist to inspire you to hit the dance floor with those old middle school moves!! 😜😝😜😝


Wearing // Shoes: New Balance (similar: here, here)  / Leggings: Alice + Olivia (similar: here, here, here) / Shirt: Vintage from Eden & Eden (similar: here, here) / Hat: American Apparel (old) (similar: here) / Necklace: Tatty Devine (similar: here, here) / Lipstick: MAC //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 7541U / Pantone 433C / Pantone 5477C / Pantone Warm Gray 5C / Pantone 172C  //


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