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fall free people / chasing kendall

Every year I wait for fall… not because of the pumpkin spice lattes (too cool for that 😉), not because of the pretty leaves and fall air (we don’t have that in SF 😉😉), not because of the snuggly couch time (too busy for that 😉😉😉) — just because of FALL FREE PEOPLE. 🙌😍

Don’t believe me? [check this out] – An impromptu, extreme bit of raw honesty which occurred at 9:20PM last night in “confidential” convo with a best friend. Finishing up this blog post this morning, I just decided to include it, cause I’m “extra.”😝  And in the spirit of honesty, I love all that👆 fall stuff – bring on the pumpkin spice! But but but, fall Free People still takes the cake for highlight of the season (I mean, check out my fun corduroys 🔝). 🍂 🍁💯

Per usual, they crushed this years coat game with fun puffers (no lie, I’ve had this one in my cart for 2 months 🙏🛍 ) and on-trend pea coats. They also have the best turtlenecks for layering, my personal fav style tip this time of year.

See below for more style tips and top 5 Free People fall picks!

For most, Free People might most closely resemble that free spirit, summer bohemian mentality, but for me, fall is everything and more. 🤗💕💕💕💕

Scroll down to shop my most coveted coats, sweaters, layering tops, pants and even a couple fall appropriate dresses! 

free people fall | chasing kendall

free people fall | chasing kendall

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