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Braving the Rain


Spring may be fast approaching but I don’t see rain being gone for good, yet…and franklyyyy, isn’t the rain even harder to deal with when you know spring is sooooo close?! 😬🌸🌤 All I want is to feel the warm sun on my skin, so when rainclouds come in March/April I’m in dire need of some words of encouragement on how to “cope.” 🙏🏼

Aka – Don’t let the rain get you down!! And don’t think because it’s rainy and gross that you have to default to the darker half of your closet. 🌧🙄🌧 Bring some color and life to a rainy day!! After all, rain is a beautiful thing (when you’re not stuck in it lol) and California really needs it, so hop on board with a colorful raincoat and BRIGHT rain resistant shoe. 👌🏼💯

And if you really need that extra boost to get out the door in the morn….give yourself a big ol’ YES (👍🏼you can do it!👍🏼) and if you’re too tired to do it yourself have your YES shirt handy to do it for you! 😜

Positivity vibes all the way on this gray rainy day. 😄😄💕🌧🌈🌈✌🏼️

rainy2 rainy4 rainy5 rainy6 rainy7

Pantones of the Post

Wearing // Shoes: Converse / Socks: Urban Outfitters / Jeans: Levi’s / T-Shirt: Romwe / Collared Shirt: Rag and Bone / Raincoat: Diesel / Beanie: Open Ceremony / Glasses: Eyebuy Direct //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 649U / Pantone 282C / Pantone Blue 072C / Pantone 425C / Pantone 1235C  //

Photography // Nick Wolf Photography

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