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Beer Rec: Delirium Tremens

delirium tremens

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Pantones of the Postpantone colors

The Facts
Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
ABV: 8.5%
Brewer: Huyghe Brewery
Location: Melle, Belgium

“Delerium Tremens: a state of confusion of rapid onset that is usually caused by withdrawal from alcohol.”

HAH. Imagine my joy in discovering this oh so real fun fact – toooo applicable.😁 So besides me fighting delirium tremens every Monday of the year………here’s the real deal. This beer is happy. Seriously, it’s grinning…cant you see it?! No? Well it for sure alwayssss puts a smile on my face. I mean whats not to smile about?!…Those cute pink elephants doing flips on the label? God, I know, they are SOOO depressing. 😉

Being the package whore that I am, when I saw Delirium on the shelf I was like “OMG WHAT IS THAT BOTTLE! OMG I NEED THOSE ANIMALS! So adorableeeee…. Wow that would be a hella cute flower vase maybe?… Or maybe I should just stare at it forever, or hoard the bottle…ok ENOUGH” and just like that it leapt onto the counter. Cha-ching. End of story. Now pleased to announce that the beer lived up to my over eager label buying. 😊😊😊 

TASTE TEST: Golden brown color, definitely some richness in flavor there but it just smells like a beer to me haha. Hints of cherries or berries, a slight sweetness going on but also a lingering spice. Weirdly I can actually taste the alcohol in it, interesting no? I don’t mind it. Certainly light and refreshing – wait what’s that? Flowers, lavender? Almond? Grandmas lotion? lol maybe not… that’s weird…or is it? I’m seriously tasting and spitballing here. Theres no wrong answer!! Wrapping up, I’d say there is an initial softness ending with increased bitterness, overall well balanced bitter/sweet. 

Verdict? I’d say it’s the Hulk version of a classic Belgian ale – moreeeee body 💪. It does NOT taste like a Stella (jesus) contrary to popular belief by Yummertime. 😜 OK honestly, if you’ll only try it for the cute bottle I’ll understand. (Hey – whatever gets you branching out!) Delirium Tremens is PERFECT for the person who’s “starting” to like craft/better beers because it’s familiar yet, well…better lol. (Did you know it actually won “best beer in the world” before?!?!!! ⭐️) So if you’re going to branch out this summer then you might as well start with this lil pink elephant. 😋🐘💕

WAIT PAUSE. HOLD THE PHONE. You need to drink it from this…..*Annnnnnd added to shopping cart. 🙌*

So, even though I first grabbed this bottle cause I was feeling ‘fun’ slash going to the beach, I am totally a Delirium repeat offender… And I’m not sorry!! It’s a year-round staple for sureee.👌 

**PS: Soon I’ll try it’s sister beer the Delirium Red to do a proper comparison so stay tuned for the report! And for the TOTAL Beer Geek you should watch this hilarrrrrr Delirium video by Huyghe. #geekout 🐘🐊🐲

Stuff // Beer: Delirium Tremens can found at: Bevmo, Whole Foods, Healthy Spirits / Cups: Crate & Barrel / Sandals: Birkenstock / Jeans: Levi’s / Sweater: Thrifted (similar: here, here, here, here) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 7431C / Pantone 644C / Pantone 7564C / Pantone 471C / Pantone Cool Gray 1C (50%) //

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