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Beer Rec: Chimay Grande Reserve Ale

Chimay Grade Reserve | Chasing Kendall


The Facts
Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale
ABV: 9%
Brewer: Bières de Chimay 
Location: Belgium

Throwing it back to my craft beer roooooots with this one! Pretty sure Chimay was my segue from “I drink beer only when I play flip cup” to “craft beer connoisseur”… the ‘gateway’ beer if you will. 😎

If you haven’t noticed I’m mildly obsessed with craft beers….just mildly. And I want everyone to get the hell on board already! So I figure I should go back to where I started and try to get you babes on board that way. Not to mention, Chimay is widely available and one of the easiest beers to find/buy.👍 👍 OMG ps, did you know that they make cheese too?! I mean what more could you want from those cute lil’ monks?! 😄 Helllooooo beer + cheese pairing!

TASTE TEST: Pours a frothy dark brown, quite carbonated with a good head on its shoulders (the foam on top incase you were wondering 😉). Definitely a nutty taste, burnt, almost lightly smokey? Ooo like a banana nut muffin! Yes that captures it well. Not super heavy in the mouth, light bodied. Dark fruits notes too, like cherry.

An oldie but goodie…Chimay Grand Reserve Ale will never die. Like a king on its mountain top, Chimay is here to stay – and you should let it beer your gateway beer too. Now, it’s 5 o’clock, so grab one and enjoy this Sippin’ Sunday! 🕔 🍻😋


Pantones of the Post

Stuff // Beer: Chimay Grande  Réserve Ale  (Found at Healthy Spirits Castro and Richmond, Whole Foods, Bevmo, Safeway) / Glass: Crate & Barrel //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 280C / Pantone 156C / Pantone 872C / Pantone 469C / Pantone Neutral BlackC //

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