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  • tahoe1
    Day Style Travel

    Mountain Climber…Sorta

    Lake Tahoe is all about striking that balance between comfort & style…functional & decorated. Just stylish enough but not so stylish that all the mountaineers and Tahoe veterans are looking at…

  • luggage7
    Stuff Travel

    How to Recover from Lost Baggage

    Losing luggage abroad is one of my worst nightmares! I can’t actually remember the last time my luggage was lost…until a couple weeks ago on my trip to Greece.😡  You guys…

  • stripe1-2
    Day Style Travel

    All About the Entrance

    Greece was eye opening for many reasons and I’m happy to have returned home with some newly acquired “life skills” such as: Understanding it’s so effing hot in Greece that you…

  • greece1
    Day Style Travel

    My Greece Lookbook

    Just returned from a week long family vacation in Greece today, SO exhausted and being launched into real life like a freakin’ rocket ship on steroids💪🚀😬…not to mention SF Pride shenanigans starting…

  • palm1
    Day Style Travel

    Serving you Miami Realness

    Rule #1: Blend in. SHOCKER. Because usually I would never advocate for that, and definitely don’t on a day-to-day basis but when traveling it is my first requirement. 🙏🏼 Don’t look…