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  • rattle1
    Booze Cocktails

    The Rattlesnake

    One of Beretta’s signature drinks, The Rattlesnake is perfectly pleasing on the first sip.🍹☺️ Who am I kidding, it was THE BOMB. I actually shocked myself at how good it is and how…

  • lemon1
    Booze Cocktails

    Boozy Ginger Lemonade

    Truth: There’s not many cocktails in the world with ginger ingredients that I don’t like.😆 It’s pretty much a go-to if nothing else is popping out…I mean, have you ever had a ginger cocktail…

  • sangria1

    Rosé Sangria

    Looking for a light, refreshing drink this summer? Who isn’t! 😋 LOVE love rosé wine but need a break from the copious amounts you’ve been drinking already?! Who doesn’t! Personally, after 3 days of…

  • paloma1
    Booze Cocktails

    The Mezcal Paloma

    I actually cannot believe it’s May already, like wtf. But with the beginning of this beautiful month comes another beautiful holiday… Cinco de Mayo!!! (Although for some of us maybe this day…

  • rose6
    Booze Cocktails

    Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail

    Most of my cocktails have a common theme: high ROI (lol) meaning quick to make and high in alcohol level… And the Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail doesn’t fall short with it’s…

  • champ2
    Booze Cocktails

    Sippin’ Loveday

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! Or I guess I should say Happy Sippin’ Lovedayyyyy. ❤️😜 Currently celebrating myself with my two true loves: my girlfriend and rosé 👍🏼👍🏼 but really though I’m actually…