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  • el presidente cocktail
    Booze Cocktails

    El Presidente Cocktail

    Part tropical treat, part sophisticated lounge drink, El Presidente is often forgot about as a “classic cocktail,” but I’m here to give it some loveeeeeee today! Let’s get one thing settled…

  • AperolSpritz1
    Booze Cocktails Discover

    Summer of the Spritz

    Last Sunday was definitely my best Sippin’ Sunday yet because I got to throw my very own Aperol Spritz party. Yes, you read that right. A full on Aperol Spritz only…

  • lastword-feat
    Booze Cocktails

    The Last Word Cocktail

    Happy Sippin’ Sunday kids! I love this cocktail SO much because it’s A) super easy to make. B) It’s flexible with the choice of spirit; gin or mezcal andย both are absurdly…

  • ancho8
    Booze Cocktails

    Ancho Old Fashioned

    Along with my first week of work came a new first for cocktails! I got this amazing Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur from Alchemyย and have been DYING to use it! So I…

  • rattle1
    Booze Cocktails

    The Rattlesnake

    One of Beretta’s signature drinks, The Rattlesnake is perfectly pleasing on the first sip.๐Ÿนโ˜บ๏ธย Who am I kidding, it was THE BOMB.ย I actually shocked myself at how good it is and how…