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Channeling That Beach Grunge

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 Pantones of the Postpantone swatch

Yes I said it, beach grunge. Is that a thing? Welp, now it is! I mean we know the oh so popular hipster grunge that infiltrates almost every member of the Mission… but what is beach grunge you ask?👆

It is less about the “dirty hipster” vibe more about a “refined sweatpants” vibe. Somewhere between the flannel wearing, un-bathed and the polished Cali-casual is the wind-blown beach goer. Are you visualizing this spectrum?! Good.

So how do you achieve such “beach grunge”? Simply put: Lose the black add the white. Lose the half-frames add the sunnies, lose the ripped skinnies add the baggy denim. You get the idea, right?

Hmmm….I’ll break it down for you one more time…

  1. Oversized shirt…so you inflate like a parachute in the wind and soar the bay of course! 😂 Jk jk, the real point here is to find one with some structure/shape, no Kanye in a tall-tee ladies. Oversized from your dad’s closet is messy but structurallllyyyyy oversized and you’ll trick people into thinking your way less lazy then you feel 👌 (personally, my goal most days of the week haha)
  2. Baggy pants!!!! But, for the love of god, not sweats. Denim, harem, boyfriend style pick your poison just as long as they don’t look like they came from your campus student store 😁
  3. Flannel around the waist. Utilize incase the wind at the beach picks up? Hmmm haha let’s be real…It’s tied there for show, because who doesn’t want some 90’s cool in their life. Plus I needed to solidify the soon to be Webster definition for “beach grunge” by the snagging a flannel reference. (Note: stick to the “summer” palate not a lumberjack flannel or you’re on a slippery slope back into city hipster land)
  4. Trade the combat boots for some classic Birkenstocks, or even some over-worn white converse, blasting you towards the Cali-casual side of the spectrum👣 😎
  5. Tousled hair. I let mine blow out at the beach and then threw it up in a pony for the messy yet refined finishing look.

So, best part about a low-key Monterey trip with just best friends?! BEACH GRUNGE. No wardrobe stress. Bring on loose fitting errthang and take off those bras!!!!!… No? too hippy for you?😝😝 Nonsenseeeee people you can’t fool me! I know every one of you rips it off upon unlocking the front door. PUH-lease✋. 

DING DING -💡 I just had a thought! Beach grunge is like a grain of sand – messy yet refined. 😏 Deep thoughts by Kendall. 

Anyway. Beach grunge. Coined. 👏👏👏

Wearing //  Sandals: Birkenstock / Pants: One Teaspoon (similar: here, here) / / Shirt: Oak NYC (similar: here, here, here, here) / Flannel: Salt Valley via Urban Outfitters (similar: here, here, here) / Sunglasses: ZeroUV //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 7691U / Pantone Cool Gray 1U (50%) / Pantone 5493C / Pantone 7514C / Pantone 7499C //

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