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Bring on the Heat


When you walk up on a stack of tires in SF…. you OBVI gotta shoot it! Jk, this isn’t SF (was it the hay stack or high heat beaming out of this photo that gave it away?!😜) but this is some serious heat. And most people experience HEAT in the SUMMER time. Ugh, can you tell I’m a bit frustrated with Karl? Well…KARL… it’s time to hibernate and bring on the heat!! 🔥☀️🔥

But when the weather here fails, the one thing that I can always count on to bring the heat are these red boots. 💥 Got them last fall and I cannot even tell you how many compliments I get on them, not to mention, they’re appropriate at every season 🙌

PAUSE Sidenote: Sitting here writing, my gf just asked me “ummm but what do red boots have to do with bringing the heat??” I’m all…”ummmm, EVERYTHING! This look is cool but when you add the boots it’s on fuegoooo💃… You knowwww, when you step out of the house in red boots you’re bringin it!!” ….. now she agrees too. Case in point. 😏

So I figured DUHHH everyone needs to have a killer pair of red boots for when your outfit needs a lil extra fireeee, and these ones are def bringin’ the heat 🔥❤️:


My other absolute FAV this summer is Levi’s new wedgie fit, (as in👇 shorts)

tires2 tires3 tires4 tires5

Pantones of the Post


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Wearing // Shoes: Urban Outfitters  / Shorts: Levi’s (also here) / Top: Zara (old) / Hat: Worth & Worth (similar: here, here) / Sunglasses: Supa Sundays (similar: here, here) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 656U / Pantone 2717C / Pantone Black 6C / Pantone 7527C / Pantone 7626C  //


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