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More Fringe Please


I have just one point to make: fringe is fun. (groundbreaking, I know 😝)

Like so fun though!! Every time I put on fringe it’s like a mini celebration of LIFE 🎉🎉 and usually means a effing good day ahead. It’s the automatic key to spicing up your life, bringing out an inner confidence you never knew you had.

Everything synonymous with fringe is pure gold.⭐️⭐️➩ Fringe and summer, fringe and suede, fringe and fields, fringe and festivals, fringe and 70s, fringe and frolic, fringe and the west. I challenge you to find a bad pairing with fringe CAUSE THERE ISN’T ONE.  😄💛

So maybe I’ll revise: fringe is life. 💯

It’s nothing new, the 70s have been back for sometime now. However, I still don’t feel I’ve acquired enough fringe in my closet yet! 😖 Anyone else still have a burning desire to buy more fringe?!?? At least I have this big black fringe cape which I’m totallyyy in love with. 💛  It’s become the perfect outer layer as the days get warmer and nights get longer. Throwing it on over some flares and a button up gives me the perfect amount of warmth, day to night flexibility, and obviously the most important: a FUN bossy addition to my look. (Not to mention doubles as blanket to sit on in the park – I know, so hipster of me – but better watch out for the 💩 & 🍺!!) 😜

My to-do list tonight: buy more fringe. 

Shop these rad fringe capes, the perfect way to layer for summer:

Shop my fringe inspired look:

cape2-2 cape3 cape4 cape5 cape7-2 cape6

Pantones of the Post

Wearing // Shoes: Urban Outfitters / Pants: Nasty Gal / Shirt: Wrangler (vintage from Afterlife) / Necklace: Liz Wallace / Sunglasses: ZeroUV / Fringe Cape: Helpers House of Couture //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 703C / Pantone 2768C / Pantone 539U / Pantone 7735C / Pantone Warm Gray 2U  //

Photography // Will Nielsen

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