It’s My Birthday!

happy birthday

on beach in lake tahoe

Pantones of the Post

So today is the BIG day. The big ol’ quarter century birthday. Do I feel older? Who knows honestly! People always ask that but I never quite understood the question cause what would that feel like? haha. Anywhooo I guess I do feel weird that my 20s are halfway over, eeeek. That sucks haha. So in that sense, I feel a bit older I supposeeee. 😁

My family has been doing this Tahoe trip every year on the same week. So every year my birthday is in Tahoe, but who could complain about that?! We have tons of friends, kids, dogs, drinks, food etc up here so plenty of fun to be had!!!!! In fact, I am about to hit up a birthday lunch for some yummy cocktails (duh). Then who knows! Maybe zoom across the lake for more cocktails🍹 or maybe bring the hand-crafted wood beer pong table down to the lake and play some flip cup on the beach 😜😜 Cause that was absolutely EPICCCC last year and there is nothing I want more than to play drinking games…but that’s an always, not just a bday thang. Thank god these kids love to play as much as I do!!!! 😄

Enough said…I’m off to enjoy my 25th birthday!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOO 🎈⭐️🎉⭐️🎉⭐️🎈

Wearing // Shorts: True Religion / Shirt: Sandro Paris / Sunglasses: ZeroUV //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 806 C / Pantone 114 C / Pantone 2925 C / Pantone 1505 C / Pantone 346 C //

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