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Beer Rec: Imperial Biscotti Break

evil twin imperial biscotti break beer

evil twin imperial biscotti break beer evil twin imperial biscotti break beer evil twin imperial biscotti break beer

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The Facts
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 11.5%
Brewer: Evil Twin Brewing
Location: Brooklyn, NY

True life: I am on a huge beer kick right now. I mean a BIG one, I am actually having a beer right now. Jeez is this addiction? No, no way. 😁 This happens occasionally…usually when I binge on wine for too long then I crave beer for awhile haha. And the cycle continues…wine binge, beer binge, wine binge, beeeerrrrrrrr meeeeee!!! That time is now.

Maybe its been the cold weather in SF lately or maybe its just me being tired and needing a night cap but I am diggin the darker stouts and porters right now (and forever). This Imperial Biscotti Break by Evil Twin Brewing is the perfect way to end a meal, or drink on a chilly day. Slash helllooooo?! Kill 2 birds with 1 stone: dessert and beer all in one! #winning

Smell: Coffee, sweet chocolate (but who can’t tell that from the look of this supa dark monster?!)

Taste: Not as “biscotti” or sweet as expected. It’s a lot like a coffee porter. Actually YES, definitelyyyy coffee. Even though it pours like syrup it goes down relatively lightly with minimal carbonation… kinda bitter, dare I say hoppy? no no, not that far.. just a little bite… like the SMALLEST bite… BABY bite at the finish.

Now you must be wondering WHAT is up with the biscotti. I can here it now, “biscotti and beer, has she lost her mind??? Well I figured might as well try it, after all its on the label! 😜 Dipping the biscotti reminds of being abroad in Italy and getting Vin Santo at the end of dinner. They would serve it in a mini wine glass with a plate of biscotti, and you were supposed to dip, eat, chase, etc.

So how did this compare to a dunk in an imperial stout? A little “interesting” I’ll admit when it first hits your tongue. Your mouth is like “woahhhh, am I tasting dessert or booze?! help meeeeee.” But then it understands and your mouth accepts the sweet + alcohol combo, much like dipping in Vin Santo. Be aware: there’s definitely a strong alcohol taste in the cookie soakage so don’t expect something different or it will really throw you for a loop! The verdict on the biscotti in the beer? GOOD! I’d dip again! 😉

Key take away: If you didn’t get your total buzz fix in at dinner then grab an Imperial Biscotti Break and you’ll hit that perfect level (with an 11.5% nudge ha). Cheers! 🍻

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