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Beer Rec: Récolte Du Bois, Peach Saison


The Facts
Style: Saison/Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 6.2%
Brewer:  Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company
Location: Truckee, CA

Well we all know how I feel about beers conditioned with brettanomyces (exhibit A, B and C) – 🙌🙌🙌 the answer is always YES get into my basket and into my mouth! Then you add TAHOE Brewing Co on top of that?! and omg…What DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! Practically die and go to heaven with that combo… and this peach saison sent me there. 😋🤗🍺

TASTE TEST: Pours opaque bright orange, orange zest – but illuminating quite yellow. Decent carbonation, no head. WOW serious smell of apricots… And a gummy bear, white to be exact. Perfect mouth feel, reminds me of eating hella apricots at my cousins in the summertime… Can’t have imagined a better balance of flavors. Not too sour. Not too peachy. Not too farmy. WOW AGAIN.  Like it’s actually the best of all worlds. 🍑🌿🍺

Great beer for those of you just dabbling into the sour game, as it maybe tastes more like a sour than saison, but not overly sour at all. 😃  As we all enjoy these last few warm nights before the light starts to fade and warmth starts to go, I highly recommend you do so with this Récolte Du Bois be in hand! 👍  The flavors couldn’t match up better with the change of season, remembering summer as we prepare for fall with this peach saison. 🌼🌼

Cheers to you this Sippin’ Sunday! And the last week of summer ahead! 🍻😎☀️🍻

peach2 peach5 peach6

Pantones of the Post

(Just incase you’re like F the beer, I wanna know where I can get that goddamn skirt! 🤑😝) Then you can shop my outfit below 😉:

Stuff // Beer: Récolte Du Bois (found at Healthy Spirits, Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company, other boutique grocery stores) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 536C / Pantone 364U / Pantone 122U / Pantone 145U / Pantone 7586C  //


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