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Beer Rec: Prairie Bomb!


The Facts
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 13%
Brewer: Prairie Artisan Ales
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

This beer rec has been a longggg time comin’… ever since I moved to SF, aka next door to Healthy Spirits (the best craft beer store in SF), I found this cute lil BOMB! beer and it’s been my go-to stout ever since.😛👍🍺 I mean, how could it not be when it’s infused with coffee, chocolate, vanilla bean, and ancho chili pepper…only like the 4 best ingredients EVERRRRR. ☕️🍫🍰🌶👍

TASTE TEST: Can’t even see through it. Pour like silk. Smells like French toast and waffles. Chocolate, brown sugar. Slightly smokey. 🌚 Dark as the night. Coffee, nuts, chocolate, cocoa…dark chocolate strawberries?🍓Maybe, cause the slight sweetness is brought on by high alcohol. Hint of spice at the end of a big mouthful. Minimal carbonation. Definitely a desert. So good. WOW. Yum! 

There is nothing I enjoy more then pouring myself a beer in the cabin after skiing. It’s like…WHY else did I endure the hours of snow in my face?! 😣🏂🤘➩➩🍺

But wherever you are, this coffee vanilla imperial stout is the BOMB! 💣 (pun intended). 😝😝 Happy Sippin’ Sunday.🍻 Get cozy with a craft beer for me! (😉😉 this one👇👇)

prairiebomb3 prairiebomb4 prairiebomb5 prairiebomb7

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