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Beer Rec: Modern Times Fruitlands Apricot


The Facts
Style: Sour
ABV: 4.8%
Brewer:  Modern Times
Location: San Diego, CA

Soooo I know I confessed earlier that I’d NEVER drink a beer below 5% but I couldn’t resist when I saw the retro label on this bad boy (tbh, I didn’t check the ABV until I left the store and was like SH*T haha 😬) but regardless, very enamored by the vibe of this beer. Really all of Modern Time’s beers look super cool and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to review one! Well, Fruitlands Apricot was the perfect summer treat. 🙌🍻😎

TASTE TEST: Pours an orange hue, slightly opaque and moderate carbonation. Ooooooo way more apricot than I thought! “Tastes like the skin of an apricot” said my bro.😛 Perfect for summer. Like PERFECT for summer. Don’t smell it. Smells like barf haha.😝 Or dried apricots I guess. Apricot is really all I can taste. Dried and ripe. Nice level of sour. Actually could finish the bottle and not be sick of it. Sour candy? 🍑🍑

Maybe I’m being influenced by the label after all, but this beer feels a bit nostalgic like I should be sippin’ it in someone’s backyard with a small swivel pool, red stand-alone grill, aviators, high waisted anything..haha you get the picture yeah? ☀️😎🌈 Next time, I’m shooting on film, this beer is begging for some grain 📷😜

aka this beer has perfect vibes for Outsidelands today!! Which is obviously where I’ll be, cause Sippin’ Sunday’s are much better at music festivals – I hope we can all agree on that 😉 Anyway Happy Sippin’ Sunday party people…err Happy Sippin’ Outsidelands, hope everyone’s is filled with beer and music a plenty!!! 😋🍻🍻🍻🌅

apricot2 apricot3 apricot4 apricot5 apricot6

Pantones of the Post


Stuff // Beer: Modern Times Fruitlands Apricot (found at Whole Foods and Healthy Spirits) / Glasses: Thrifted / Polaroids: Instax Mini / Aviators: SWG /

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 7557U / Pantone 7572C / Pantone 7586C / Pantone 7631C / Pantone 202C  //


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