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Pantones of the Posttheater pantons

“WAIT…. Pause, whatttt is that awesome theater?!” We didn’t get more than a few miles down the road when I made the car turn around to go have a second look. 

I love old things. The more run down, rusted, broken or even decades old the better. Well maybe I should backpedal a bit cause I looovee new things too. Like the new pair of boots that arrived on my stoop yesterday 😍  👢 😁.  

BUT those boots don’t exactly have the authentic connection to the past that old items do. Stopping in Monte Rio (population: 1000), allowed me to feel frozen in time. A time with less technology, and current movies that’s for sure!

Wait actually, LET’S talk old movies…. What were your old favorites? What did you grow up watching? Childhood cartoon movies or the “classics”??

Personally, I lit UP when I saw the old Star Wars poster on the Rio Theater…def a reminder of childhood. Probs since I grew up with brothers and a dad constantly in charge of the remote, we didn’t get around to too many more of the typical “classics.” Can you say Star Wars and James Bonds on repeat!? haha. Which apparaentlyyyyy haunts you well into your 20’s cause now I’m always teased for having seen zero movies. 😩


This look also shows my love for old timeless pieces. I just got this awesome bandana sleeve in Portland a couple months ago, even though I def thought it was a leather ring at first. 😞  Oops! But nope! and how tight is that?! Never seen that before and it totally adds another dimension to wearing a bandana; making this older accessory feel new again — well… either that or like you’ve jumped into an old western film. 😜 🐎

Since it was my first time busting out this accessory I chose a more minimal outfit to let the bandana take the stage. Also something comfy and quiet to match the town vibe. But next time I think I’ll try a louder shirt of sorts. 😆

So… CLEARLY now the next logical step would be to go buy your own then sit and watch an old movie in a bandana. 🎥 😂 JK but do go try mixing the old with the new – you’ll feel simultaneously nostalgic yet daring. 😜

Wearing // Shoes: Converse / Pants: Levis 501 CT / Shirt: Scotch & Soda (old) / Bandana Cuff: Will Leather Goods/ Sunglasses: ZeroUV //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone Black C / Pantone 188 C / Pantone 500 C / Pantone 656 C / Pantone 7350 C //

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