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I’m on the edge!… of gothyyyy. 😜JK – But some of you might be thinking “woahhhh, wait… she’s in all black? what happened to her colorful vibes? I don’t get it?!?!?!?” Well hush hush!

I’m here to tell you that just like any other fashion lover, I too have my all black moments – and revel in them! 😱 The all black look is too harsh for me during summer, but come fall and winter best belieeeeve I’m not scared to go for it! Sometimes it’s what I want and sometimes it’s not but I clearly want to be taken seriously today, so back off!!! (just kidding, please let’s be friends) But, my mood def goes instant ‘badass chick’ when the black armor goes on. 🔥💎🔥

Even more unexpected is pairing this pleated skirt with a canvas vest and moto boots. Pleated skirts are one of this seasons (arguably this years) biggest trends. Being a non girly girl, I decided to edge up the pleats with some leather buckled boots. I implore you to be unexpected! Style your pleated midi or maxi with chunky boots for some more fashion “street cred.” ⚡️

Try it once. Do it if you dare! Some of you may dress in most/all black everyday so your which is fine, but if you are like me and don’t typically gravitate towards such a dark outfit every morning then give it a go! See if it makes you feel any different! Your clothes are the armor in which you face the world and sometimes you just need an extra dose of UMPH that day. 👊👊

WARNING: All black looks may cause you to feel more serious, sexy, powerful, edgy, hard, intelligent, or mysterious. Proceed with caution. 😉

Wearing //  Shoes: Miista / Skirt: BCBG (similar, similar) / Vest: Bottega Veneta  / Sunglasses: Dior //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 433C (90%) / Pantone 430C / Pantone 404C / Pantone Black 6C / Pantone Black 5C //

Photography // Dawn Elizabeth Photography

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