Day Style

Warm Tones, Cold Days


Let me take you behind the scenes:

Mom and I having a cute morning stuffing faces at Dynamo Donuts (part of my quest for the best donut in the Bay, so get ready for that list next week!!😄🍩) Following several donuts and several photos, we spot the cooooolest entryway 👇 to a house nearby, so of COURSE we had to go snap even more pics…which resulted in an old dude on the street staring then commenting, “Oh yeah cool. Thats my stoop.” Instead of being upset that I was climbing all over his space (#doitforthephoto😜), he was actually quite elated and began telling us his San Francisco story.

He’s been at this house in the Mission for 60 years, hosting just about every famous musician that passed through the city in the 60s-80s  for “jam sessions.”🎸💥🎷 Proven to be true when we entered his garage aka converted music room and the ceiling was COVERED in photographs; all of famous musicians like Santana, Grateful Dead, Diana Ross….incredible!! This gem of a man in an unassuming Mission home has this insane past and DEEP relationship with San Francisco, his home. It was very warm…yet now he’s watching his old neighborhood disappear before his eyes…cold. 😧

His warmth stuck with me though, and it’s part of why I love that time, and 70s inspired styles in general. They are warmmmm. The easy going, happy go lucky and all around warmth of the 70s is a natural pairing with summer. Such good vibessszzzz. ☀️✌️☀️

Whether it was the Summer of Love or our summer approaching, SF’s got that warm tones but cold days on lock (hence the need for this AMAZING Chloe jacket, on saleeee 😜👌) 

70s-2 70s-3 70s-4 70s-5 70s-6 70s-7 70s-870s-9

Pantones of the Post

Wearing // Shoes: Converse / Pants: Nasty Gal / Shirt: Romwe / Jacket: See by Chloé (same here) / Sunglasses: Ray Ban / Backpack: eBags //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 7546C / Pantone 657C / Pantone Warm Gray 6U / Pantone 473U / Pantone 7584C  //

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