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Happy 4th of July!

fourth of july outfit


 Pantones of the Post

I don’t have much to say besides, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYONE!!!!! 🇺🇸 🍻 🎉

My family and I  (cousins, grandparents… the whole shebang) are always in Lake Tahoe for the Fourth. Family tradition and I ain’t complainin’ 😀 Unfortunately today rained and thunder showered, first time on the 4th of July in at least 20 years! But that didn’t stop the fun, obviously. Actually the lightening was epic to watch across the lake…we’re talkin FAT bolts.  Luckily enough the rain has cleared and we can continue enjoying the outdoors, sans-sun…. oh well!

Some things I look forward to on this glorioussss holiday:

  1. No work!! 😝
  2. Lake Tahoe, because its actually the best place on earth 💙
  3. Corn-hole with beer in hand (seriously, after I finish writing this that is the FIRST thing I’m doing) 👌 🍺
  4. My grandma’s choice of 4th of July wear for the day. Will it be the oversized vintage tee with american flag cartoon on the front? Or the Hawaiian print button up with blue velvet leggings? Or maybe the american flag scrunchie this year! Oh wait…just saw her… it’s a patchwork red, white and blue button up. Classic g-ma.
  5. Making my classic margaritas for the entire family. A tradition I got them hooked on last year 👍 👍 (someone had to step it up around here haha) 🍹 🍹 🍹
  6. The big firework show in Tahoe City and we get to watch from the longest pier in Lake Tahoe 🎆 😀
  7. Berry cobbler, cobbler and MORE COBBLER!!! 😋

I also love bustin out this romper for this day…every year…just kidding not EVERY year, but maybe every year 😉 That’s not by any means to say it’s not wearable at other times. I think it’s so cute ALL summer long. Lightweight, comfortable, easy to throw on and look good. Perfect for any beach day or sunny day, park day – you name it! But pairing it with white accents (sandals and glasses) and a boater hat really completed the look for this particular holiday. Getting that classic American feel going.

Anyway, gotta go play that corn-hole for realllllllllll now. Hope everyone is having a BLAST today! Happy 4th! Go America!!! 💥🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Wearing // Shoes: Urban Outfitters / Romper: American Apparel / Hat: Urban Outfitters / Sunglasses: Vintage (similar: here, here, here) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 1795 C / Pantone Cool Gray 1 C / Pantone 661 C / Pantone 4705 C / Pantone 7737 C //

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