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#1 Fashion Hack for the Working Professional


SF is a very casual city, and more often then not I find myself slipping back into the comforts of my Converse, Levi’s and a tee when hitting that 9-5 grind 😳. I’m just soooo tired sometimes 🤦‍♀️ BUT, no excuses. The importance of professionalism is real. No matter if you’re blogging, bartending, analyzing statistics or recruiting for a start-up there’s always one littleeee, extra, cherry on top, thing you can do to stand out…aka go the extra mile! 👍👍

My dad has engrained in me many a thing about the workplace, however only 1 word of wisdom is related to fashion, go figure 😝, and that is “always always keep a blazer at the office so that your ready for anything.” (Thanks Dad!). 😉

A blazer transforms my look, anytime. It can just as easily get me through a last minute client meeting or make my simple jeans and tee look appropriate for a night out. 👖👕➩💃✨ Whether a crazy print or simply an unexpected color, let’s just say I have 11 a few statement blazers hanging up in my closet. 😎😎

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blazer4 blazer5 blazer6

Pantones of the Post

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Wearing // Boots: Prada (similar: here, here) / Jeans: Levi’s (similar: here) / Shirt: Tom Ford (similar: here, here) / Blazer: Karen Millen (similar: here, here) / Sunglasses: Karen Walker (similar) / Belt: Forever21  /  Purse: Coach  //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 656C / Pantone 7546C / Pantone 7547C / Pantone 445C (90%) / Pantone 4625C //

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