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My First NYFW Experience


I started writing this from the plane but since then had to sleep for a week and unwillingly integrate myself back into SF living. I got home exactly a week a go from my first trip to NYFW and ohhhhh myyyyyy goddddddd it was everything I dreamt of and MORE! But in an also very realistic honest way, it chewed me up and spit me out hahaha. Safe to say it was a sea of highs and lows, but mostly highs… 😉

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That Time Katie ALMOST Got Me to Be Her Girlfriend (Written by my GF)


AHH…Just in time for the Winter Olympics, I present the romantic story of myself, Katie Shea, getting burned so badly by Kendall Chase on the slopes. I went for the gold and all I got was cold feet! (Get it? 🙈

*Cracks knuckles*  Here we go…

If you read my last Valentines Day post you know how we met, but I’m going to hop on this blog again and rewind you to about 6 months into our relationship. All you need to know about that 6 month period of time is this…

Kendall and I met. I, no joke, fell in love at first sight. She looked at me and thought….”we’ll see.” LOL! Basically, I JUMPED in the pool and she just dipped her big toe in.🙄 Needless to say we were on different pages, at first. I no longer wanted to be a little Castro whore… *Cough Cough* excuse me, that wasn’t cool… let’s say a “Castro lady of the night.”  Those days were behind and monogamy was on my mind! ❤️👭

I NEEDED THIS ONE IN THE BAG, PEOPLE. I was ready to do anything. I was completely in love. 

2 months in, Kendall left. She took off for a semester abroad in Italy. I will never forgot that morning. Both of us in tears, saying goodbye to one another. I watched her drive off. As I stood on the corner crying after her car went out of sight.

The next 4 months would change Kendall’s life. She got to meet some of her best friends, and travel the world with them. ugh. #mustbenice

I, on the other hand, was love sick. I spent the next 4 months, writing Kendall love letters, emails, drawing her pictures, having to pay my mom back for international drunk phone calls…. I even signed up for Italian lessons at City College so I could impress her. hahahahah IM SUCH A SUCKER ITS UNREAL. But again, she broke me.

Long story short, She came home. We hung out. A couple weeks after she got back we decided to go to Tahoe with my twin and his boyfriend (yup, we’re the gayest)!

I was really excited to go snowboarding with Kendall. I used to go up once a year and considered myself a pretty good damn good snowboarder. I was excited to impress her, maybe even teach her a few things. 😝  I mean look at her, was I wrong to assume that she was just a dainty little snow bunny who had zero skills?!? 🤷😂

YES, I was very wrong, Kendall, fun fact, is the lesbian SAUWN WHITE lol okay maybe not that good, but she basically shreds the pow. She’s a complete bad ass on the slopes, but an extremely cocky Katie thought that this would be the perfect time to ask Kendall to be my girlfriend.

(Yes, I get it! SHE JUST GOT BACK, GIVE HER SOME TIME!) And you’re right, I didn’t get it then. All I knew, was that what I was about to do would make one hell of a “how we became girlfriends” story.

After a fun day of Kendall waiting for me to leaf down every run, we decided we would do one more then go in. 


As we sat at the top of the Squaw Creek run staring out at the lake in the foreground. I looked at kendall and said…”I think we should play a game…” (I didn’t say it creepy like the Saw movies, I said it charming obviously).

“Okay, I think we should race down this last run, If I beat you, you have to be my girlfriend. If you beat me, well shit.”

I said this now knowing that she a MILLION times better than me and it’s totally in her hands if she wants to let me win or not.  So I’m basically brilliant and very romantic. lol

We both stood up, smiled at each other and then she SMASHED down the hill. hahaha. I have never seen someone go down a hill faster hahaha and in that moment I thought, “ahhhh shit.”

I worked my way down the mountain getting closer to the bottom, I didn’t see Kendall anywhere. All of a sudden I see her. She’s sooooooo cute and about 20 yards from the finish line. 

My heart was beating out of control! She is gunna let me pass her! OMG! She wants to be my girrrrrrrlfriend! Woo! 

As I snowboarded like a snail to pass her and claim my victory, she hopped up and SMASHED pass me and across the finish line…ummmm…. at that moment, again I thought, “shit.” 

So rude. Whatever. She ended up asking me out later, and it’s our 8th Valentines Day together. I’m over it (👆😳 clearly).

On another note… here are some mini sketches I did for her today. Happy Valentines Day, Kendall! I love you and that gorgeous smile ❤️


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Prepping for NYFW, In All Honesty


Im telling you right now, this isn’t going to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing blog posts in the history of 😂😂 but NYFW prep is ugly. Not ugly like terrible (expect maybe a little), lots of work, but far from glamorous. It’s  the heavy duty lifting. The glamour will come later…….At least I effing hope or this work was for nothing! Jk? 😬

I wanted to shoot exactly what the state of my house is because that’s the real deal. NYFW prep is tons of hard work, chaos, stress. But stay tuned to see the rewards… 😉

For now, check out how I prepped for my first ever NYFW! My process for picking looks, what’s “in my bag,” packing #IRL, and show outreach tips!



Let me preface by saying this looks like way more effort and organization than it really is/was. But I’m SO glad I did it.

Taking photos of outfit ideas is never a bad thing, I do it on the reg in SF to remember looks. But printing (with Prynt) is next level! It actually helped so much with packing because I could hold these photos like a hand of cards to decide which sunglasses or jewelry to pack (at the 11th hour 😬).

Now they are with me in NYC and it makes it super easy to get dressed in the morning. I just pic the photo I’m feeling most and GO! Especially nifty to write which days or shows I’m going to wear the outfit to on the back of the print….I unfortunately did not get that far, but it was my initial idea. 😉



So this 🔝 is raw and real. A mess. Sure, I could’ve folded all my clothes into a neat grid near my suitcase, al-a Instagram standards, but 1) that’s not real 2) that would honestly take too much time of out actually putting alllll my sh*t in my suitcase. Time which I def don’t have. Hahaha.

Moral of the story, go easy on yourself, get all the looks in one area and then figure out what fits in the suitcase.

Oh! And a carry-on JUST for shoes is non-negotiable. 😂😂 Let’s blame it on the weight limit ok? Ok!



I’ve always heard about this Uniqlo phenomenon but hadn’t had a great reason to further investigate, until now. Oh boy and has it’s been my savior…

[post updated 2/10] Now that I’m here in NY I can honestly say it’s helping so much. I’m able to wear cuter looks because of my heat tech layers. Leggings under wide leg trousers, camis under tees. Not even kidding you I went out this morning in 29 degree weather in ONLY a turtleneck sweater with the “extra warm” heat tech layer underneath and managed! I wouldn’t recommend being out all day in that haha but for just hopping from place to place, I was very pleased and I didn’t have to ruin my look with a big unnecessary coat.

Can’t forget about all the vitamins, medicine, emergency, tea, etc etc! Make yourself a care package of preventative health stuff so you don’t have to go buy a whole thing should the constant moving of NYFW tire you out.



Aka My NYFW care package to myself, which consists of everything (I think) I’ll need while hustling from show to show! Will have to update this afterwards if I missed something haha.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury “Instant Look” in a palette – the best because its face and eyes all in one!! While remaining purse size friendly 😛
  2. Bite Beauty Agave Lipmask– my favorite chapstick and the perfect base layer for lipstick because my lips always dry out on the edges with tons of lipstick wear 💄
  3. Mophie Powerstation Plus – honestly need 2 of these prob. From shooting the shows and uploading stories my phone is always dead by noon. 😣 This is my favorite portable charger because cord is attached and it holds 2 full charges. ✔️📱
  4. Think Thin Bars – Gotta have an on-the-go snack for an inevitable skipped meal. The Honey Drizzle Protein are my favorite flavor 😉 (followed by Chunky Peanut Butter) and I’ve had them all!
  5. Field Notes – my favorite mini notebook! I know I’m going to be on my phone capturing all the footie during the show, so it will be nice to unwind some after thoughts on the collection and my NYFW experience, in here, between shows!
  6. The Canon EOS M6 – I call this my “travel cam” because it’s attached at my hip on the busiest adventure days when slanging a big DSLR just seems too inappropriate. I never want to be “that girl” at the fancy restaurant with her huge camera on the table and this mini cam, captures better than iPhone shots without being in the way. 📸 👍
  7. Apple Airpodsbecause holding your phone is overrated.😝 But seriously, I live for these and can’t go anywhere without them. How else would I be able to talk on the phone to my girlfriend while also posting stories and responding to emails?! 🙊 🙉 🙊

Shop my essentials:

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508A9929Levels 1

And there you have it! Mostly all my prep cataloged, hopefully I can refer to this next year when I’m stessing the Fout again!

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Look Inside: The Diane Von Furstenberg Flagship Store & Offices


While in NYC over the holidays, I got the opportunity to take a tour of the Diane Von Furstenberg flagship store and offices! Heading back to NYC this week (for my first ever NYFW 🙀😻) got me reminiscing about what an incredible experience this was. So incredible, in fact, that I just had to share it with you all now.

First off, I had no idea their offices were above the store, let alone that Diane herself lives in the penthouse on the 5th floor!! ⭐️ #starstruck ⭐️

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3 Shoes for the Transition into Spring


Not sure why it still comes as a shock to me, considering I have several pairs of Timberlands (and by this point definitely considered a fan), but each time I get a new pair I’m surprised by how insanely comfortable they are! 🙌🏼 Do they have special insoles or something? 👀 I feel like an old person saying this haha, but I do notice the difference and meeee likeeeee.

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Booze Cocktails

Manhattan Transfer Cocktail Recipe


Inspired by my recent (and soon to be return, hiiii NYFW) trip to Manhattan, I decided to make a Manhattan Transfer after work one night this week. I loveeee a good sipping cocktail, especially after work because I’m most likely just having 1 to take the edge off, so the slower I can sip it and the higher ABV are both wins!

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My #1 Beauty Tip for the Gal on the Go


Presenting…The “To-Go” Makeup Bag

I’m not that well versed in the beauty game but one thing I can say that CHANGED MY LIFE was, the creation of my “to-go” makeup bag. 🙌👛💄

Living such a busy life and always on the go, I found myself getting super stressed in the morning trying to grab my essentials before heading off to work so that I could freshen up before whatever lunch date, blog event, friend dinner, date night etc etc. I knew there had to be a better way… and there was….

Keeping a makeup bag with all the favorites in my backpack/work bag, hellloooo! Seems so obvious, no? Well, it took me awhile to realize how crucial my to-go makeup bag really is and even more so to realize I needed to pass along this tip! So here’s how I created the perfect little kit…💅


1. Double up on your must have makeup. Yesss, just sack up and buy duplicates…You’ll thank me later. For me, that means mascara, concealer and bronzer (+ mini Kabuki brush). The blush & eyebrow pencil are “nice to haves.” 😉

TIP: Check if they make travel size versions of your faves,  lot’s of companies make minis! I was so shocked to find this mini Hoola!  (Actually, MAC has an entire travel size section! Perfecttttt for to-go bag needs).

2. Every time you get a sample (lipstick, perfume, eyeshadow etc) stick it in there!! It wont happen overnight, but if you start today you’ll have a killer kit on your hands in no time! (💄🔝 = yes, all samples!!) 😄😄


3. Don’t forget the other random beauty needs.👆👆 I always carry bandaids for surprise blisters and who doesn’t need an extra hair tie more often than you’d like to admit?!  Instead of a small hairbrush, carry a mini comb. Way easier to fit and can totally get the job

*Optional* small makeup brush set (ditch the casing). If you’re carrying any eyeshadows or eyebrow fillers, don’t overlook this ahah! Finger is not a good substitute.😆 Either way, *not optional* is a Kabuki brush for powders/bronzers.

Pssssttt!! Don’t forget a compact mirror! So crucial, I’m not trying to be the person sitting in the front seat of an Uber using their mirror. 🤣🤣 Basically, the entire key to this “to-go” makeup bag. ✔️✔️


Voila! All the components of a perfect to-go makeup bag.

I just leave mine in the backpack I carry most days, but grabbing it to move it elsewhere is sooooo much easier than grabbing all it’s individual insides. One of my main goals in life is to constantly adjust my daily patterns to relieve stress, and this definitely saved a lot of gray hairs 😅



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