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El Presidente Cocktail

el presidente cocktail

Part tropical treat, part sophisticated lounge drink, El Presidente is often forgot about as a “classic cocktail,” but I’m here to give it some loveeeeeee today!

Let’s get one thing settled right off the bat:  this is my cocktail, but he’s #notmypresident 🙅😝 Phew! Anyway, I feel like rum doesn’t get a lot of love when it comes to cocktail making/ordering because everyone associates it with overly sweet tropical drinks… well, incase you couldn’t tell🔝 this drink is NOT that…Stiff as my grandpa’s hunch back. 😂😂

I’m all about the 3 ingredient, high ABV, low sugar cocktails so when I had El Diplomático rum sitting around I went on a hunt for exactlyyyy that. Here is what I came up with…



1 dash Grenadine
3/2 oz Dry vermouth
1/2 oz Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao (Orange Curaçao)
1 1/2 oz  Diplomático Rum (light rum)


Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Then shake for 10 seconds and double-strain into a chilled coupe!🍹🍊
*PRO TIP: Do not overdue the grenadine, I originally added 1/2 teaspoon and it was too much, you don’t want it to overpower the drink.

Technicallyyyyy this drink is made with light rum, but I had dark on hand and wanted to try out the cocktail anyway since I had just had it out to dinner at Lolinda the night before. So YOLO. 😛 Also I couldn’t find an orange curaçao so I used the recommended substitute, Gran Gala (an orange liquer). But, that’s what home bartending is all about! Adapting and using what you got, and dare I say it was even better? Maybe that’s just the homemade effort talking. 😉👍

Whether you’re hanging onto summer and need a tropical moment or you’re ready to move into fall and want a swanky stiff lounge drink, either way, El Presidente has got you COVERED!👌🍸 So cheers to you, and this Cuban drink, this #SippinSunday!

presidente-cocktail-4 presidente-cocktail-5 presidente-cocktail-6 presidente-cocktail-7

Pantones of the Postpresidente-pantones

Stuff // Diplomático Rum / Amaro Nonino / Dolin De Chambery Dry Vermouth / Gran Gala Liqueur / Nick & Nora Glasses: Cocktail Kingdom / Shaker: Cocktail Kingdom (similar: here, here) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 187C / Pantone 693C / Pantone 545C / Pantone 165C / Pantone 1795C //


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The Best Outfit for an On-The-Go Lifestyle

chasing kendall | summer style

You know…just when I thought the end of summer was going to be chill, less vacations more downtime, it wasn’t! AT ALL! 😳 LOL. An event after work, a rooftop hang with friends, cleaning the damn BBQ grill (last Sunday’s task 🙄), it’s amazing how fast those colored dots appear back on a momentarily empty iCal. But I guess that’s the life I signed up for right? 😬🙃

Contrary to popular belief, I have been “trying” to exercise the ability to say “no” recently but until I get there, I’ll exercise the ability to make a killer transitional, all around applicable, good for anything outfit. 👍🏼👍🏼💯

So here’s my recipe:

The base? 👉🏼Graphic tee and pleated midi skirt. Then dress it up or down with the outerwear and footwear. I chose metallic brogues for a cool girl, unexpected twist. 🆒✨👞

10 graphic tees and 10 pleated midis, perfect for nailing the casual chic look:

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The pleated midi skirt is a great piece for right now. It’s warm-weather casual when paired with a tee & sneakers; but come fall, the midi paired with a turtleneck and high boots will defff kick it up a notch. 💃🏼

Casual on the top, business on the bottom, this go-to outfit is looking pretty damn good right now as I’m heading out of work and off to tour the Color Factory!! 😄🌈

Try the combo out for yourself and LMK what you think! Was it as flexible for you? I wanna know!!

👇👇 Shop my look at the end of this post 👇👇


Pantones of the Postdonald-pantones

Shop my look:

Wearing // Shoes: Prada (similar: here, here) /  Skirt: Zara (similar: here, here) / Shirt: Free People (similar) / Jacket: Urban Outfitters (similar) / Sunglasses: Spitfire Sunglasses (similar: here)

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 536C / Pantone 649C (50%) / Pantone Neutral Black 5C / Pantone 7555C / Pantone 7564C //

Photography // Kara Nixon / @kbdawg//

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Motel Vibes & Fall Jumpsuits

chasing kendall | retro look

Sitting here at 10:32pm on Wednesday night, watching Broad City (season 4 starts in a couple weeks!😻) and on my second, questionably third, glass of wine.🍷🍷🍷  Trying to figure out why I’m so obsessssssed with this freakin’ jumpsuit! Is it the cropped flare? The rich color? The deep V? The corduroy fabric? Answer: EVERYTHING. 🙌🖤❤️ 💛

PAUSE: I need to right a wrong. I alwaysssss hear “that’s sooooo cute but only you can pull it off cause you’re so tall!” EH! WRONG. Why do people think you have to be tall to wear them? They actually elongate your legs (really, entire body) making them a very flattering piece. So, go for it shorties! Seriously. go. for. it. 👏👏💥


My wardrobe requires many things (😏) but a very, very important thing is a jumpsuit for every season. 💯 Gotta have the denim jumpsuit for spring, the silk printed for summer, the black chic for winter and dun, dun, dun, the corduroy for fall!

Heeeeyyyyllooooo, this jumpsuit is suited for fall (pun intended😆)! I chose to wear a ringer tee under it, not only because layers rule and tend to make the look more interesting but also, more work appropriate. On the weekend though? shirts off, tits out! Jk….👀😝😛

If you can’t tell, jumpsuits are legit one of my favorite items in fashion. #slay 😎⚡️

Get the look:

*Shop my entire look at the end of this post 

chasing kendall | retro look chasing kendall | retro lookchasing kendall | retro lookchasing kendall | retro look

chasing kendall | retro lookchasing kendall | retro look

Pantones of the Postmotel-pantones

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Wearing // Shoes: Nike via Urban Outfitters /  Jumpsuit: CAMP Collection / Shirt: CAMP Collection (similar) / Sunglasses: ASOS (Jeepers Peepers) (similar) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 730U / Pantone 4755C / Pantone 1685C / Pantone 7599C / Pantone 4975C //

Photography // Riva Ramos / @rivaramos //

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Summer of the Spritz


Last Sunday was definitely my best Sippin’ Sunday yet because I got to throw my very own Aperol Spritz party. Yes, you read that right. A full on Aperol Spritz only party 😍 with allllllll the spritzes, Aperol Spritz photo booth, Aperol Spritz hats😂, and even an Aperol Spritz pup! 😛🐶 Safe to say, it was the BEST DAY EVER!

It’s clear by now that I’m obsessed with spritzes, but why?!  Having a spritz is having an experience, it’s not just a drink. With every sip I’m transported to a different European ally, sitting outside, ocean breeze in the distance.  My family and I have been drinking these for years and I’m stoked they are slowly becoming more popular in the states! Been way ahead of the curve for too long. 😉  Plus, they pair extremely well with gigantic wide brim hats. 😜👒💅✨

Another reason I love them? Recipe is on the back of the Aperol bottle so really anyone can make it even if they haven’t heard of it! Easy pease! They are light, refreshing and you can drink the for hourrssss without getting to sloshed. I should know, I think I had 6 or 7 at my party. 😆🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍊

Scroll dow for the party of my dreamsssss!!! 😁😁😁

AperolSpritz2-2AperolSpritz2AperolSpritz3AperolSpritz4AperolSpritz5-2AperolSpritz5AperolSpritz6AperolSpritz7AperolSpritz8AperolSpritz9AperolSpritz10aperol spritz party

Thank you Campari America and Made PR for sponsoring this event; and thank you Grace Sager for capturing it all!

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A Few of My Favorite Things


As we enter our last month of summer (officially 23 days left 😬, unofficially 56 days… I see you, SF Indian Summer 👋🌞), I figured appropriate to talk about a few of my favorite styles & trends that I’ve been really drawn to recently, which are sure to remain a wardrobe staple of mine this fall… ☺️👕👖

*Enter* mocknecks, cool-girl denim, mini backpacks, and statement earrings.

  1. Totally obsessed with mockneck turtlenecks ATM. 🙌🏼 They exude this level of chic sophistication, with a slight mysterious edge that I love. 💕🖤 Plus Everlane just came out with 2 mockneck styles that I’m swooooning for; literally just bought this one and this one.
  2. Statement earrings. They came for summer and are staying for fall. (Trust me, I work at a jewelry company and we didn’t even make cuffs for our upcoming collections. 😂😆 It’s all about the statement earrings. 💫💫
  3. Not sure whether I’m more attracted to the high waist, wide-leg or raw hem on these pants; but these days I’m only wearing pants with a raw hem – it gives any denim an instant 🆒 girl vibe…(ha! so maybe it’s the raw hem; although, I could say the same about a high waist 💯).

So basically, this look optimizes me. 😜🙌🏼 I combined allll the above here with my retro New Balance kicks for an 80’s reminiscent look (also in style 😏), but they can just as easily be the main “event.”

(and yes, I did change sunnies mid-shoot. 🙈🙊 It isn’t the first time I’ve done this either hahaha, guilty! 🤣 Truth be told, probbbbably 60% of the time I leave the house with multiple sunnies options. A common problem of mine lol 🤐🤐🤐)

Get the look:


Pantones of the Post80stennis-pantones

Shop my look:

Wearing // Shoes: New Balance via Urban Outfitters  (similar) /  Pants: Rachel Comey (similar: here, here) / Sweatshirt: Topshop (similar: here, here) / Glasses: Ray-ban / Gold glasses: Supa Sundays / Earrings: The2Bandits / Backpack: Urban Outfitters (similar) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 679C / Pantone 540C / Pantone 7700C / Pantone 7552C / Pantone 7528C //

Photography // Kara Nixon / @kbdawg //


Eat Drink SF


Chaos! A great way to describe last night at Eat Drink SF. Not gunna lie, I felt pretty cool last night waltzing in with my media pass and getting ahead of the crowd (totally worth it), once everyone was in the building it was mayhem. But I guess that’s what you have to expect from SF’s best food and wine festival. And the best part? (Well besides an endless glass of booze in your hand) It last’s three days!

All the top restaurants in and around the city gather to show off their most interesting menu items and I was ready to take ALL of them. Gotta say though, I was disappointed that Cotogna was serving pea soup instead of their famous and seriouslyyy delicious pizza.

And while we’re on the topic of honesty, I think I enjoyed the alcohol options more then the food! haha. I mean it can be a bit underwhelming to wait in a line and only come out with a cracker & cheese or one piece of sashimi – ya feel me? But getting to try 18 different kinds of cocktails, along with spirits, wines, and beer. I mean… that’s a great Friday night right there.

Last thing I wanna say is that Lillet won best booth design, SO stinkin’ CUTE. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves now…

PS: You can still get tickets for today or tomorrow, or I’ll just see you there next year. 😉

eatdrinksf1508A6696 eatdrinksf4 508A6716 eatdrinksf2 508A6662 eatdrinksf3 508A6731 eatdrinksf5 508A6688

Day Style

My Go-To Dress of the Season


BEHOLD: My favorite way to wear dresses this season, with, (surprise!) my favorite summer dress. 💖👗

I’m sure you’ve seen it all over my Instagram, after all, it has come on every vacation with me in the last 5 months (…and that’s a lot of vacations). 😜

This dress is part everything which is what makes me constantly reach for it when the sun comes out. When I paired it with elegant sandals? Classy.☺️👡 Paired with sneakers? Sporty. 😎👟 Paired with flip flops? Beachy.😄👙 And naturally? Sexy. 😘

The layering of the fabric and movement in the dress is stunning. I can’t help but constantly twirl and run it through my hands with each wear.💫👗🙃

Easy, versatile, beachy, sporty, sexy, casual dresses (most under $100):

But what’s my favorite way to style a dress this summer? Sneakers. More styled and more unexpected, I want people to do a double-take 💅💃👀…yes..surprise, surprise that’s my M.O. 😝😛

Shop my top picks for sneaker/dress pairing:

dress2 dress3dress4dress5 dress6 dress7

Pantones of the Postdress-pantones

Wearing // Shoes: Converse  /  Dress: Free People (similar) / Hat: Urban Outfitters / Glasses: Ray-ban //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone Neutral Black C / Pantone 143C / Pantone 5773C / Pantone 434C / Pantone 427C (50%) //

Photography // Kelsey Mitchell / @kelseymitchellphoto //

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