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The Fabulous Way to Celebrate Holidays in SF


‘Tis the season! And how do I typically celebrate? By getting all dolled up and doing bougie things because #holidays — It’s a great excuse, am I right? 😉💄 No other time of year can I justify going to historic SF restaurants in black tie (👈 literally my family tradition every year). Feeling festive with a martini in hand is just how I like to send off the year… and in style of course! 💁🍸

Which brings me to my next point, holiday style. How good is this tux cape though!? Never seen one of these until this year, and immediately when I laid eyes upon J’Amy Tarr’s cape it I knew it would be the perfect piece to complete my stand out holiday look. 🙌🙌🙌

Shop the look:

Scroll to the end of this post for where I celebrate the holidays (aka eat and drink my face off) in SF! 

holiday look tux-cape-chasingkendall3 tux-cape-chasingkendall4 tux-cape-chasingkendall5 tux-cape-chasingkendall6 tux-cape-chasingkendall7 tux-cape-chasingkendall8 tux-cape-chasingkendall9

Pantones of the Posttuxpantones

So where do I like to celebrate holidays in the city?

You can’t go wrong with the trio of fancy hotels surrounding Huntington Park: The Mark Hopkins Hotel (with a gorgeous city view at Top of the Mark) , The Fairmont and the Scarlet Huntington. The latter, home to The Big 4 Restaurant, which is where my family dines in black tie every Christmas season. Black tie obviously not required, just festive and fun. 😛

Katie and I actually went on a early holiday dinner there a few weeks back and it was fabuloussssss!✨👯🍷 PRO TIP: Bring your own bottle of wine to make the meal more affordable but don’t skip out on a martini or gimlet first! DEF get the chicken pot pie and desert. YUMMM. Walking in the restaurant feels like stepping back into old time San Francisco, I love it.😍😍 Plus the added live pianist really sets the mood. ✨🎹✨

Shop the look:

Wearing // Robert Clergie via Lexington Standard Boutique (similar: here, here) / Pants: The Kooples (similar: here, here) / Shirt: Iorane (similar: here) / Tux Cape: J’Amy Tarr / Bracelet: Miansai / Purse: Chanel / Earrings: The 2 Bandits //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 538 C / Pantone 642C (50%) / Pantone 419C / Pantone 5605C / Pantone 410C //


My Holiday Wishlist

holiday gift guide

Monday morning, 12/11, 7:41am— It’s time to kick it into high gear, the countdown to buy presents is officially on!👏🏼👏🏼🕒🎁😮

I released my holiday wishlist last week after going on countless internet spirals hunting for everything I wanted, because let’s face it, it’s important to know what to ask for too! Heheheh. That attainable yet slightly undesirable price point, that balance between things I don’t really need but want so bad… receiving gifts is quite the skill too, ya know!! Joking. 😜😬👉🏼🎁

But my hope in releasing my holiday wishlist is that others may use it as a source of inspiration, a gift shop for their own present buying dilemmas. Honestly speaking, I don’t really know your sister or boyfriend well enough to tell you what to get them 🙊🙊, but I can offer some of my favorite finds in hopes that you find something in there for that special person on your list. 🤞🏼😁💕 At the very least, maybe you can find something extra cool to ask Santa for. 😏🙏🏼🎅🏻




Keep checking back because I’ll be updating my holiday shop all week with the best goodies.👇 You can always find it under the “Shop” tab in my navigation👇👇👇👇🙃  HAPPY SHOPPING! 😚🛍

chasing kendall holiday shop


Dec 16th – several brands offer Free Shipping to meet Christmas deadlines
Dec 18th – usually last day to standard ship
Dec 19th – usually last day to rush ship


Day Style

Gettin’ Festive with Urban Outfitters


A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to do a shoot with our local Urban Outfitters and it was the 💣💯 Not only did I find my new festive holiday look (shop it below) but I also learned some sweet new camera techniques and styling tips I want to share with you all! 👍🏼

First being that you gotta buy a fishermans cap, stat! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Tbh, I was always a bit scared to take the plunge and buy one. Idk why! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I know I constantly advocate for being ballsy and confident, but even I need to push myself out of my comfort zone sometimes. 🙈🙊 Ever since this UO shoot, I’ve worn this Brixton hat at least 3 days a week! 😛 It’s my new favorite accessory and the perfect add-on when I want a little edge or sass to my OOTD. So glad I took the plunge, and you should too!

Same goes for these pleat culotte pants. ❤️🌹❤️. Essentially like wearing pajamas in public, except ones that everyone just loves to compliment! Idk what it is about these pants but I’m constantly getting jealous eyes when wearing them, #sorrynotsorry. 😂👍🏼 Throw on an oversized sweater and be oh so cozy chic, pair a sheer or shimmery top* with them and instantly I’m ready to go out for some holiday cocktails! It’s AMAZE. 🙌🏼✨

*Note to self: get more bra tops. They aren’t useless and a waste of money. They are actually quite useful for layering and taking my look to a new level of ‘styled’. 

Overall just obsessed with this look right now. It’s every part comfy, chic, holiday, edgy, soft, festive, and fabulous that I want in my life. 😍✨❤️ LOL. See a girl CAN have it all! 😜😉 I’ll be opting out of the sparkly dress and wearing this to my next holiday function – who’s with me?! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Shop my look:

👉 Scroll to the end of this post if you want to learn about the fun lens effects you see in this series!


Pantones of the Postholiday-pantones

Like the light flares and color effects on these photos? We shot with a couple fun props that made it happen! The colored flares you see in the second half of this post were made by placing a piece of iridescent, kind of rainbow colored, transparent cellophane over the lens while shooting. And the hazy fog that appears in the corner of some shots was made by holding a crystal (literally a white crystal rock) over the edge of the lens so it blurs the end of the frame. You have to move it around while shooting to get the right angle, but playing around is all the fun! You never know what you’re going to get! Literally SO easy and SO fun. I plan to keep up experimenting with these and hope you do too!

Shop my look:

Wearing // Boots: Urban Outfitters / Pants: Urban Outfitters / Top: Urban Outfitters / Sweater: Urban Outfitters / Hat: Brixton / Purse: Urban Outfitters / Necklace: Urban Outfitters / Earrings: Urban Outfitters //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone Neutral Black C / Pantone 418C / Pantone 402C / Pantone 4985C / Pantone 504C //

Photography // Luke Flora //

Discover Travel

The Liljestrand House, Oahu

chasingkendall liljestrand house

What first seemed like an annoying excursion to please my architect mother, turned into the jaw dropping, photo taking frenzy of the year! I haven’t been on many house tours but I imagine they aren’t quite like the Liljestrand House. This house is one in a million (but I don’t have to tell you that, I have 127392321 photos to prove it)! 🙌💯

The tour was super informative on both the architect, Vladimir Ossipoff, and family, Betty and Howard Liljestrand who lived there. Walking through each room was like stepping into a moment of their life on Oahu in the 1950’s and 60’s. From sitting in their mid-century modern chairs, to opening their kitchen cabinets and uncovering their daily routine, to gazing upon the collection of books in the library, I was completely entranced by the overly designed and insanely beautiful lifestyle the couple lead. It was truly shocking the things they thought about when creating this dreamland.

I won’t go much more into the life of the Liljestrands or nuances of their home – you can take the tour for that! But what I will say is that I most definitely don’t regret accompanying my mom on this excursion (as badly as I wanted to keep lounging poolside). 🏖😉

At that moment, and still sitting here writing this post, I’ve never wanted anything more (even that insta-famous coveted Gucci belt 🤑) than to live in this house!!! Impossible? OK FINE, I’ll take throwing my wedding here and be done with it. No? Okay fine, maybe just attend a party? Something chic? Ughhhh. Only Wishes. 🙏🙏🙏🏠🤩

Next time you’re on Oahu, you HAVE TO GO HERE (psss it’s only $20 too)!  And if you don’t wanna do it for the Liljestrand family history lesson, do it for the Instagram. 😜📸

// Oh yeah, and the jumpsuit I’m wearing is from Reformation. 🌴🤙

chasingkendall liljestrand house chasingkendall-liljestrand3chasingkendall liljestrand4 chasingkendall liljestrand5 chasingkendall liljestrand6 chasingkendall liljestrand7 chasingkendall liljestrand8 chasingkendall liljestrand9 chasingkendall liljestrand10chasingkendall liljestrand11 chasingkendall liljestrand12 chasingkendall liljestrand13 chasingkendall liljestrand14

Pantones of the Posthouse-pantones

Wearing // Jumpsuit: Reformation / Sunglasses: CRAP Eyewear //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 4545C (20%) / Pantone 4515C / Pantone Black 4C / Pantone 7533C / Pantone 478C //

Day Style

Why I Love J’Amy Tarr Outerwear

jamy tarr outerwear | chasing kendall

I work in an office of all girls and all we do is talk about needing the temperature to drop, just so we can wear our coats!!! 🙏  Enough Indian Summer, we want fall! And sure enough, about a week ago our prayers were answered.🙌💨🍂

So really, I couldn’t have picked a better time to reconnect with local outerwear designer, J’Amy Tarr. When we met up for coffee to talk about the collaboration I was pleasantly surprised (👈 kind of an understatement, tbh) by our similarities. Clubbing in the Castro when she was in her 20’s, attending drag shows, and truly immersing herself in the weird unique San Francisco culture, made me feel right home. I mean, we went to the same club for christ’s sake. It’s official. 😆🤣👯

I actually featured her as a “brand to know” a longggg time ago, but since then, my love for her coats has only gotten stronger! Not to mention my love for her. J’Amy is one badass clothing designer, business owner and mother. Ugh, what a role model! She literally has it all. 👏👏👏

Which actually quite resembles the feeling I get when wearing one of her beautiful designs. I have it all. Not sure if it’s the luxury fabric or the attention to the female form, but whenever I’m in one of her coats I feel ready to take on the world. 😎

Each coat is a style adventure in itself. Cuffing the sleeves, tying the belt in a different way, or folding a collar, all change the way the coat hangs on my body, and the overall vibe of the look. There’s definitely a level of sophistication and maturity in her outerwear, but also a laid back and flexible style to them. I guess that’s why I adore them so much. Because I feel like a grown-up, but I still feel comfortable and casual… like me. 🙂

You’ll be seeing her coats all over my Instagram account in the next several months so I wanted to give you a little BTS and first look at the whole collection. 😍

So out with the warm, and in with the warm….coats. 😉 Alright, off to work now!

PS: Get one of her super rad coats for free! Giveaway details will be posted on my Instagram this Friday!! Stay tuned. 

jamy tarr outerwear | chasing kendalljamy tarr outerwear | chasing kendalljamy tarr outerwear | chasing kendalljamy tarr outerwear | chasing kendalljamy tarr outerwear | chasing kendalljamy tarr outerwear | chasing kendalljamy tarr outerwear | chasing kendall

Pantones of the Postfall pantones / chasingkendall

Wearing // Coats: J’Amy Tarr //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone Cool Gray 1C (50%) / Pantone 4675C / Pantone 7771C / Pantone 7600C / Pantone 4975C //

Photography // Dawn Johnson / @dawnelizabethphoto //


Shop Style

The Best of Free People Fall

fall free people / chasing kendall

Every year I wait for fall… not because of the pumpkin spice lattes (too cool for that 😉), not because of the pretty leaves and fall air (we don’t have that in SF 😉😉), not because of the snuggly couch time (too busy for that 😉😉😉) — just because of FALL FREE PEOPLE. 🙌😍

Don’t believe me? [check this out] – An impromptu, extreme bit of raw honesty which occurred at 9:20PM last night in “confidential” convo with a best friend. Finishing up this blog post this morning, I just decided to include it, cause I’m “extra.”😝  And in the spirit of honesty, I love all that👆 fall stuff – bring on the pumpkin spice! But but but, fall Free People still takes the cake for highlight of the season (I mean, check out my fun corduroys 🔝). 🍂 🍁💯

Per usual, they crushed this years coat game with fun puffers (no lie, I’ve had this one in my cart for 2 months 🙏🛍 ) and on-trend pea coats. They also have the best turtlenecks for layering, my personal fav style tip this time of year.

See below for more style tips and top 5 Free People fall picks!

For most, Free People might most closely resemble that free spirit, summer bohemian mentality, but for me, fall is everything and more. 🤗💕💕💕💕

Scroll down to shop my most coveted coats, sweaters, layering tops, pants and even a couple fall appropriate dresses! 

free people fall | chasing kendall

free people fall | chasing kendall

Beer Booze

Beer Rec: Pumpkin Harvest Ale

pumpkin beer | chasingkendall

The Facts
Style: Ale
ABV: 6.3%
Brewer: Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
Location: Half Moon Bay, CA

Happy Halloweeeeen!!! It’s finally starting to feel like fall, (just a little bit) so I figured why not help ring in the season with a fun pumpkin beer! ‘Tis the season doesn’t just apply to Christmas. 😏😏🍺🎃

TASTE TEST: Hmmm that’s more pumpkiny 🎃 (and bettter) than I thought it’d be! The smell is what really gets me though. Never smelt a beer that had such a strong smell before, like spices and fall…and pumpkin hehe. Nuts, sweet almond. Hints of apple pie. Minimal carbonation, light feel in the mouth.

Thank god it’s foggy outside so I don’t feel bad just curling up in a ball with a beer and binge watching Season 2 of Stranger Things. Quite literally, I haven’t moved my buns in 5 hours, and on episode 5.😬  Talk about a Sunday funday!! haha this is myyyyy kind of Sippin’ Sunday, with the best pumpkin beer I can ever remember! 🍺🤗🍺

pumpkin beer / chasingkendallpumpkin beer | chasingkendallpumpkin beer | chasingkendallpumpkin beer | chasingkendallpumpkin beer | chasingkendall

Pantones of the Postpumpkin-pantones

Shop my look:

Beer // Pumpkin Harvest Ale, Half Moon Bay Brewing Company / Found at Whole Foods or other places (here) //

Wearing // Pants: AG Jeans / Sweatshirt: CAMP Collection / Beret: Paris! (similar: here) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone Neutral BlackC / Pantone 7590C / Pantone 7414C / Pantone 4265C / Pantone 174C //



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