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Trend Alert: The Kitten Heel

Trend alert: Kitten Heel | ChasingKendall

New fall trend out there👉👉👉 The kitten heel

Once thought of as a style for old ladies and stuffy business woman (😂🙀), has now become the sought after boot of the season. At least I was guilty of thinking that haha but hereeeee I ammmm rockin’ the kitten heel like they’ve always been in my closet. 😻👠

Plus, being 5’11” I’ll pretty much support a lower heel any day – chic & comfortable! 😘

Shop my favorites under $100:

Shop my favorites under $200:

Trend alert: Kitten Heel | ChasingKendall

Day Style

Seasonally Conflicted

sf style | Chasing Kendall

Currently: Caught between seasons

It’s a funny thing, SF (and being a fashion blogger in SF), because our seasons sometimes have their head on backwards. Most of the world dresses seasonally appropriate, while it feels like I’m in Australia having opposite seasons. I mean yesterday was 80 for god’s sake!!!

But maybe thats why I have a hibiscus on my thick sweater. Like is it warm or cold? Either way I got both covered! 👌🏼😜🌺 Or maybe its just because I love dressing like a grandpa. 🤓❤️ I mean have you ever see old people style?? They truly rock it. ZERO fucks given; I draw inspiration from that fearless, self confidence.

You can call it grandma style, but I love layering turtlenecks under things (chunky sweaters in this case). 😉  Layering in general brings a level of sophistication to the entire look, and also one of the easiest ways to look “casual chic” this fall. *Cough cough* an excuse to just be really snuggly and warm…😏

Shop turtlenecks perfect for layering:

Shop chunky snuggly fall sweaters:

Jeans but heavily ripped, a turtleneck but a short sleeved one, a sweater with a tropical flower…. there are ways to compromise. 😝 I may be caught between the seasons in this look, but my layer game is on point! 🙃

THAT SF SUMMER, WHO KNOWS…. It really just makes my hair frizz up! 🆘👇🏼😂😉👇🏼 // Shop my look at the end of this post 

sf style | chasing kendallsf style | chasing kendallsf style | chasing kendallsf style | chasing kendallsf style | chasing kendallsf style | chasing kendallsf style | chasing kendall

Pantones of the Posthibiscus-pantones

Shop my look:

Wearing // Shoes: Converse /  Pants: Urban Outfitters / Turtleneck: Thrifted from Painted Bird (similar: here, here) / Sweater: Thrifted from Painted Bird (similar: here, here) / Sunglasses: Thrifted from Painted Bird (similar: here) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 1805C / Pantone 538C / Pantone 7762C / Pantone 481C / Pantone 419C //

Photography // Charlotte DuPont / @itsmecharlottephoto //


Booze Cocktails

The Bourbon Rosemary Smash Cocktail

bourbon rosemary lemon cocktail | chasingkendall

Fall is here, which means bring on the spices and the bourbon! I didn’t go full send on the fall cocktail just yet though.😏  Since the weather is still quite nice outside, I was feeling a more refreshing fall inspired drink, and the fresh lemon gives it just that! 🍋🥃😋

bourbon rosemary lemon cocktail | chasingkendall

Ingredients (for 1):

1.5oz bourbon (I used Russell’s Reserve) 🥃
1oz fresh lemon juice 🍋
.75oz dark amber maple syrup* 🍁
4 large sprigs of rosemary 🌿


  1. Crush 2 large sprigs of rosemary in your hand and add it to the shaker with ice.
  2. Add the bourbon, lemon juice, maple syrup (*depending on your lemons & tastebuds you may need to add a little more or less syrup) and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.
  3. Strain into a rocks glass with large cubes of ice and garnish with a rosemary sprig.

Very similar to a Bourbon Sour but the rosemary and maple give it a necessary fall update. 🍁😛 I think fall is my favorite season for cocktails. Things get a little stiffer, a bit more sophisticated and interesting. 😉

With everything unimaginably terrible going on in the world, sometimes it’s nice to take a moment for yourself. Learn a new recipe/skill, a little zen moment, if you will. That’s what making cocktails is for me….and then I just get drunk to forget all about the worst of it. 😝😝 But honestly, anyone else know how to better deal with all this catastrophe in the world?! 😫🙏🥃

🥃 + 🍋 + 🍁 + 🌿 = 😄 #SippinSunday

bourbon rosemary lemon cocktail | chasingkendall bourbon rosemary lemon cocktail | chasingkendall bourbon rosemary lemon cocktail | chasingkendall bourbon rosemary lemon cocktail | chasingkendall bourbon rosemary lemon cocktail | chasingkendall bourbon rosemary lemon cocktail | chasingkendall bourbon rosemary lemon cocktail | chasingkendall

Pantones of the Postpantones

Shop the post:

Stuff // Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Bourbon / Shaker: W&P Design / Cups: Crate & Barrel / Jigger: Cocktail Kingdom //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 427C / Pantone 7547C / Pantone 409C / Pantone 619C / Pantone 7631C //


Day Shop Style

The Must-Have Graphic Tee


I’ve seen it, I’ve done it and now I’m blogging it. ✔️

White tees with red writing scrawled, embroidered or printed across the front have made their mark!  They’re everywhere and ohhhh so hot right now. Paired with white denim, a la Haim, while it’s still hot (yes, whatever it’s 75 degrees in October, so shoot me 🌞 ) or paired with black denim and a blazer to be right on-trend for fall, I’ve never seen a graphic tee actually elevate a look before…. until these babies came to market.  😏💯⚡️

They most definitely get the 🆒 stamp of approval. Plus, who doesn’t love a cool new tee?

Shop my favorite red slogan graphic tees:

In fact, I’m going to go put one on right now and head to work! XOXO ❤️🖤❤️

trendy graphic tee | chasing kendalltrendy graphic tee | chasing kendall

Day Style

My Favorite Fall Collection


A couple months ago I was approached by AG Jeans for a collab (😁😁), I’ve loved the brand since high school but didn’t know much about their most recent designs. *Blog post not required,* but after 2 months of wearing their clothes 5/7 days a week, I NEED to spread the word about my new found obsession with the brand. 🙌💯

It’s less about chasing perfection and more about embracing authenticity.

I’ve never resonated with a collection more than the AG Jeans A/W ’17 Collection….never, ever. It was inspired by Young Hollywood in the 90s, one of my favorite fashion decades for the low-maintenance dressing and too-cool-to-GAF attitude. 😎🆒

I love that AG’s take on 90s revival has a modern twist. With silky slip dresses, small scale florals, and reworked denim they didn’t go “full grunge” on us.  There’s grit and glamour, masculine and feminine, chic but thrown together – the balance AG has on the 90s fashion tightrope is impeccable. 👌⚡️

Shop my favorite items from the collection:

My heart skipped a beat when I heard it described as “…sometimes tomboy, sometimes hyper-feminine, but always slightly undone.” I mean, I’ve never heard of anything more me.  AG Jeans’ A/W Collection has me hooked on the cheek like fish for sureeeee. 🎣😬

90s Grunge | Chasing Kendall 90s grunge | Chasing Kendall90s grunge | Chasing Kendallagjeans5agjeans690s grunge | Chasing Kendallagjeans8

Pantones of the Postagjeans-pantones


Shop my look:

Wearing // Shoes: Zara (similar: here, here) /  Pants: AG Jeans / Cami: AG Jeans / Jacket: AG Jeans / Backpack: Coach (vintage) similar: here, here / Sunglasses: ASOS //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone Black 6C / Pantone 448C / Pantone 420C / Pantone 1535C / Pantone 4975C //

Photography // Riva Ramos / @rivaramos //



Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

Chasing Kendall | Amalfi Coast Travel Guide Positano

My family and I just returned from a week on the Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy…. Probably the prettiest cities I’ve ever been to. The buildings, nestled in the mountain with intense cliff drops, provide for STUNNING views of the ocean, which seemed more endless than ever before. ☀️🌊⛱

We did 2 days in Sorrento and 2 days in Positano, with a long day trip out to the island of Capri. I would definitely do more days in Positano and less in Sorrento (My dad did not take my recommendation 🙄, but there’s still hope for you)!

Read on for my Amalfi Coast travel guide!

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Booze Cocktails

El Presidente Cocktail

el presidente cocktail

Part tropical treat, part sophisticated lounge drink, El Presidente is often forgot about as a “classic cocktail,” but I’m here to give it some loveeeeeee today!

Let’s get one thing settled right off the bat:  this is my cocktail, but he’s #notmypresident 🙅😝 Phew! Anyway, I feel like rum doesn’t get a lot of love when it comes to cocktail making/ordering because everyone associates it with overly sweet tropical drinks… well, incase you couldn’t tell🔝 this drink is NOT that…Stiff as my grandpa’s hunch back. 😂😂

I’m all about the 3 ingredient, high ABV, low sugar cocktails so when I had El Diplomático rum sitting around I went on a hunt for exactlyyyy that. Here is what I came up with…



1 dash Grenadine
3/2 oz Dry vermouth
1/2 oz Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao (Orange Curaçao)
1 1/2 oz  Diplomático Rum (light rum)


Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Then shake for 10 seconds and double-strain into a chilled coupe!🍹🍊
*PRO TIP: Do not overdue the grenadine, I originally added 1/2 teaspoon and it was too much, you don’t want it to overpower the drink.

Technicallyyyyy this drink is made with light rum, but I had dark on hand and wanted to try out the cocktail anyway since I had just had it out to dinner at Lolinda the night before. So YOLO. 😛 Also I couldn’t find an orange curaçao so I used the recommended substitute, Gran Gala (an orange liquer). But, that’s what home bartending is all about! Adapting and using what you got, and dare I say it was even better? Maybe that’s just the homemade effort talking. 😉👍

Whether you’re hanging onto summer and need a tropical moment or you’re ready to move into fall and want a swanky stiff lounge drink, either way, El Presidente has got you COVERED!👌🍸 So cheers to you, and this Cuban drink, this #SippinSunday!

presidente-cocktail-4 presidente-cocktail-5 presidente-cocktail-6 presidente-cocktail-7

Pantones of the Postpresidente-pantones

Stuff // Diplomático Rum / Amaro Nonino / Dolin De Chambery Dry Vermouth / Gran Gala Liqueur / Nick & Nora Glasses: Cocktail Kingdom / Shaker: Cocktail Kingdom (similar: here, here) //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 404C / Pantone 412C / Pantone 406C / Pantone 159C / Pantone 7609C //


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