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“Tequila Moonrise” Cocktail (aka My Blood Orange Tequila Beauty)


Blood oranges are in season, hot weather is right around the corner… I’m thinking a new tequila cocktail recipe is in order, aren’t you?!? WELL GOOD. Cause I got one for ya and it’s a beaut. 👌

 I’ll be the first to say, a Tequila Sunrise is never on my list of potential drink orders….but something about the blood oranges had me thinkin’ differently (really I just hate OJ haha). So I decided to twist the Tequila sunrise into a much more elevated drink by using only fresh ingredients and substituting the grenadine with 2 nice liqueurs as the sweeter element. PS: whoever is still drinking cocktails with grenadine in them… it’s time to stop. 🚫🍒

Now, orange you gunna try my new tequila cocktail?! Blood orange moon? (If you can’t tell, I’m performing at Clusterfest next weekend 😝🤣… wait but actually though, does anyone wanna buy my 2 tickets?! I really need to sell them!! So sad 😭).

See the Tequila Moonrise recipe below! 👇👇

bloodorange2 bloodorange3 bloodorange4


2 oz Espolon blanco tequila
1 oz Amaro (Amaro Nonino is best)
.75 oz Domaine De Canton (ginger liqueur)
1.5 oz Blood orange juice (fresh is best! ✔️🍊😉)
.5 oz lime juice
1 generous pinch of fresh chopped ginger 


  1. Squeeze blood oranges and limes into separate bowls. Chop ginger as finely as possible.
  2. Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake for 10 seconds.
  3. Strain into a low ball glass over ice. Garnish with a slice of blood orange and enjoy!🍹🍊

I’m lovinggg the balance of flavors in this drink! Nothing overtakes the next thing but all combine for a really refreshing, lightly sweet, versatile cocktail. I could drink this on my patio during a sunny afternoon (well, clearly i’ve already accomplished that👇)… or at night, in the booth of a Mexican restaurant. 🌮🍹 🌯💃  Either way, I’m extremely impressed by my own concoction hahah.😛🤗

Hope you give it a try!! Happy #SippinSunday 🍹☀️😄

bloodorange5 bloodorange6-2bloodorange7 bloodorange8-2bloodorange9-2

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Stuff // Espolon Blanco Tequila / Amaro Nonino / Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur / Cups: Crate and Barrel / Shaker: Cocktail Kingdom (similar: here, here) / Spoon: Cocktail Kingdom (similar) / Cutting Board: Crate and Barrel  //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 187C / Pantone 693C / Pantone 545C / Pantone 165C / Pantone 1795C //

Day Style

#1 Fashion Hack for the Working Professional


SF is a very casual city, and more often then not I find myself slipping back into the comforts of my Converse, Levi’s and a tee when hitting that 9-5 grind 😳. I’m just soooo tired sometimes 🤦‍♀️ BUT, no excuses. The importance of professionalism is real. No matter if you’re blogging, bartending, analyzing statistics or recruiting for a start-up there’s always one littleeee, extra, cherry on top, thing you can do to stand out…aka go the extra mile! 👍👍

My dad has engrained in me many a thing about the workplace, however only 1 word of wisdom is related to fashion, go figure 😝, and that is “always always keep a blazer at the office so that your ready for anything.” (Thanks Dad!). 😉

A blazer transforms my look, anytime. It can just as easily get me through a last minute client meeting or make my simple jeans and tee look appropriate for a night out. 👖👕➩💃✨ Whether a crazy print or simply an unexpected color, let’s just say I have 11 a few statement blazers hanging up in my closet. 😎😎

Shop statement blazers:

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blazer4 blazer5 blazer6

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Wearing // Boots: Prada (similar: here, here) / Jeans: Levi’s (similar: here) / Shirt: Tom Ford (similar: here, here) / Blazer: Karen Millen (similar: here, here) / Sunglasses: Karen Walker (similar) / Belt: Forever21  /  Purse: Coach  //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 656C / Pantone 7546C / Pantone 7547C / Pantone 445C (90%) / Pantone 4625C //

Day Style

The Unexpected Top To Pair With Fringe


Nothing new about my love for fringe.🤗 Fringed jeans, fringed leather, fringed onesie, fringed bed sheets…oh wait no, no ⏮⏮ got carried away (…but not a terrible idea right?) 😝

Sometimes it can be hard for me to branch out style wise when it comes to fringe. I always reach for my western/boho inspired clothing but today I went out on a whim and pair my fringe with a sheer top and am digginnnnnnnn it! 🙌Gives me a sense of freedom and rebellion, like I’m just a bit different than everyone else; which is probably my #1 goal on a day-to-day basis. 😝🙃

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Day Style

Carrie Bradshaw’s Walk of Shame


Shop the look:

I’m calling this my Carrie Bradshaw walk of shame look aka the best way to wear an oversized button up….with a belt. I loveeee a good crisp oversized white button up. Grab it from that one night stand or your closet cause let’s be real, I didn’t steal it from my BF either 🤣😜 – it’s a wardrobe staple).

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Booze Cocktails

The Last Word Cocktail


Happy Sippin’ Sunday kids! I love this cocktail SO much because it’s A) super easy to make. B) It’s flexible with the choice of spirit; gin or mezcal and both are absurdly good. C) It’s not unheard of, and most bartenders, at decent cocktail bars, should know how to make it if you ask!! (Anndddd they’ll be hella impressed with you too, trust me from personal experience).

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Day Style

Shop My Instagram: Festival Looks


It was a long 2 weekends but some hellaaaaa f*cking fun ones at that!! 😜👏🏼💯 I LOVE dressing up for Coachella because I feel like I can finally let my ‘crazier’ style aesthetic show, the one that I sometimes suppress living in non-fashionable SF. 🙄😣

I love mixing prints, being bold and loud, funky yet chic.  💫💥🌸🌟🌈 As important as it is to push the limits at festivals, it’s equally important to know when to reel it back to avoid getting lost in a crowd of overly-styled, trying-to-hard folks 😬….. Gotta nail that laid back, effortless, cool girl festival vibe!! You know, the Joe Cool kinda effort. ✔️😎✔️

👉🏼 REMEMBER: This is only the start of festival season. There are at leasssst 6 major ones ahead, so here’s ya chance to shop all my favorite looks from both weekends! Let your freak flag fly! 😝🚩🆒

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Day Discover Style

Desert X – Circle of Land and Sky


If there is one thing bringing people out to the desert right now it’s Coachella Desert X. 😉 But really, this multi-installation art experience is something you don’t wanna miss – or just risk being the lamest one at the party. 😜😜

(Psss, DON’T make the mistake I did and eff up the opening times, cough cough, Mirage house…😣)

But the Philip K Smith “Circle of Land and Sky,” was satisfying enough that I got over the screw up. Formed by 300 geometric reflectors angled at 10 degrees, the artwork directly engages with the desert surroundings (land) and the endless heavens (sky). With the rotating sunlight and reflections, it never looks the same twice. 🙌🙌

So here’s my PSA: Coachella is not the only cool, trendy thing to experience down south. Go for the fest, stay for the art. ✌️👣

👇  The look 👇

desertx2 desertx3 desertx4 desertx5 desertx6 desertx7

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Wearing // Boots: Jeffrey Campbell /Jumpsuit: Free People / Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry (similar: here, here) / Earrings : The2Bandits //

Colors (left to right) // Pantone 277C / Pantone 544C / Pantone 663C (50%) / Pantone 4715C / Pantone 7421C //

Photography // Kelsey Mitchell Photography

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